What Is a Field Service Mobile App?

Field service mobile apps are a powerful tool that can help businesses improve their efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

An effective field service mobile app is configurable and comes complete with scheduling, work estimates, checklists, troubleshooting, and work order debrief. It also delivers consistent workflows for every type of service scenario – break-fix, installations, planned maintenance, price quotes, and more.

Why Do Businesses Use Field Service Mobile Apps?

Using an FSM app, field service technicians can do their jobs better and faster. Automation and notification features built into the app save technicians time and improve the customer experience.

No matter where they are, technicians have complete visibility into their work orders and the assets they are working on while in the field, allowing them to be the hero on-site for customers.

How Is a Field Service Mobile App Beneficial for Businesses?

By providing field technicians with the information and tools they need to do their jobs effectively, these apps can help businesses save time and money, and deliver a better service experience to their customers.

Offline Sync | Benefits for the business: increased technician productivity

Field service technicians need to be productive on the go, even when there is no data network. Without data connectivity, some standard mobile applications stop working, but not the ServiceMax mobile apps.

With our market-leading Smart Sync engine and industry-first Sync Gateway features, the ServiceMax mobile apps keep field service technicians productive with just the right data to complete their service workflow—covering the work order process, time and materials price lookups, work order debrief, service report generation and signature capture—all in a seamless manner.

Checklists & Forms | Benefits for the business: increased compliance, technician safety, SLA adherence

Technicians are often tasked with data collection, and it is vital that the information be complete and on time. When technicians fill out paper forms at the end of a job or after a long day, things can easily get lost or forgotten.

For regulated industries, such as medical device manufacturing or oil and gas, the pressure to collect accurate data for compliance and audits is even higher. ServiceMax ensures that forms, checklists, and inspections are reliably executed by technicians on their mobile devices and saved along with the installed base record.

Easy to create and update, our DataGuide advanced checklists and forms appear automatically as a process step for technicians, ensuring they bring back accurate information every time.

Automation & Notifications | Benefits for the business: increased technician productivity, more informed dispatchers which increases efficiency & utilization, and better communication with customers which increases customer satisfaction

Picking up the phone every time there is a change in a technician’s schedule or to confirm an appointment with a customer can be time-consuming and error-prone. Today, technicians and customers expect real-time updates to stay productive and informed.

ServiceMax makes these interactions seamless with automated alerts, notifications, and SMS. Technicians can be notified in real time about changes to their schedules to stay productive; while customers can get updates on technician arrival times to stay informed.

  • Service Flow Automation allows administrators to configure rules and automations to notify your technicians and customers about changes and updates with push notifications, alerts, or SMS.
  • Updates include new appointment assignment, change to work order status, arrival at work location, and more.
  • End recipients include technicians, crew leaders and customers.
  • The “on my way” feature—which automatically prompts the tech to report when they are headed to a site/location—keeps customers and dispatchers informed.

Why Is It Important for Businesses to Use an FSM Mobile App?

Having informed technicians in the field is the only way to deliver excellent service and meet KPI goals. Your field workforce needs an FSM app to successfully complete work orders, present service reports for customer signature, provide pricing in the field, access knowledge and collaborate with other techs and experts, and more.

This allows the business to effectively measure the metrics that matter such as:

  • First-time fix
  • Mean time to repair
  • NPS
  • CSAT
  • Customer effort
  • Leakage
  • Days to invoice

Why ServiceMax Go is the #1 choice in FSM Apps for Business

ServiceMax Go is designed from the ground up with field service technicians in mind. Businesses should choose ServiceMax Go because:

  • Ease of use
  • Automation that reduces admin time
  • Offline capabilities
  • The visibility it provides to technicians, giving them everything they need to know on the job to succeed

ServiceMax Go is integrated with two other leading mobile apps: Zinc and Engage. These solutions all work better together, providing a seamless customer experience, an engaged service team, and access to rich service data.

ServiceMax Engage is a turnkey mobile app that connects service organizations with their customers –the asset owners and operators. ServiceMax Engage puts the end customer in the driver’s seat with relevant information about their assets and service work.

ServiceMax Zinc has powerful collaboration tools and connects everyone on the service team in real-time with the people and information needed to confidently get the job done quickly and correctly.

If you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of your field service operations, then a mobile app is a great option. Our team can help you understand what you need to get started.

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