With a million work orders, countless technicians and innovative customers standing behind us, here is what we know: Predix ServiceMax customers report that they experience a 16 percent reduction in the time it takes to repair equipment. We also know that this measurement of optimized time is just one example of a deeply rooted network of organizational benefits that come from a field service management platform, like Predix ServiceMax.

From Westmor’s petroleum and propane equipment to McKinley’s warehouse loading tools, we have seen our customers undergo massive transformations as they digitize division after division, keeping up with today’s fast-paced economy. Our customers – and their equipment – inform what we do every day and drive our innovation forward. Together, we have proven that service delivery is not a revenue drain – rather quite the opposite. In fact, service innovation is a powerful reminder of how optimizing each aspect of a product’s lifecycle can drive new revenue streams.

To capture these dynamic benefits, we commissioned a study by Wakefield Research of nearly 140 Predix ServiceMax customers to reveal the numerous ways our technology impacts service operations around the world.

The study offers up a rich and compelling truth our customers have known for a long time: field service management can have deep and lasting effects on a business’ bottom line. Specifically, the study shows how Predix ServiceMax helps customers increase technician productivity and decrease cost of service, all while adding benefits such as compliance, customer satisfaction and safety. Over the years, ServiceMax from GE Digital has continued to push beyond the industry standard, creating digital workflow tools in place of what was once pen and paper, and our findings showcase this innovation.

Productivity Increases You Can Hang Your Hat On

The Wakefield Survey found on average, across 137 Predix ServiceMax customers, there was a 19 percent increase in technician productivity. This means that technicians have customer and install base information right at their fingertips and are able to quickly and accurately apply their expertise. We’ve long believed that providing technicians with the right tools at the right time can elevate service delivery to the next level. ServiceMax customers experience high first time fix rates with service teams consistently arriving on site with all of the correct replacement parts, in all shapes and sizes, to get the job done the first time.

A productive service program delivers more than just a team of well-equipped technicians. Rather, the best service program sells and delivers an outcome: machine uptime. Service is about more than maintaining a piece of equipment or product – it is about ensuring that a product can live up to its promises, whether that is trustworthy petroleum transportation infrastructure, or accurate MRI readings that deliver clear brain scans. Our findings underscore what we know: delivering productive, efficient service outcomes leads to happier customers.

Compliance and Safety Assurances For Customer Peace of Mind

The survey also found that compliance-related incidents decreased an average of 13 percent as a result of the capabilities provided by the Predix ServiceMax platform. For highly regulated industries like the medical device industry, this is paramount. These industries know that compliance incidents often serve as a key performance indicator. With Predix ServiceMax technology, excess time and money spent on follow-up investigations can be better spent ensuring inspection criteria is met more efficiently. Predix ServiceMax creates a permanent digital paper trail of work orders, electronic signatures, and repairs performed on any given machine repair, eliminating the time-consuming process of preserving compliance paperwork in the face of an audit.

Customers also reported a 12 percent average reduction in safety incidents. When technicians are qualified for each work order they are dispatched to, a service program is accountable and transparent. Mobile devices in the field ensure real-time checklists are completed as required, and mandatory precautions are taken according to each regulated repair protocol. For our customers, the upshot is peace of mind – again, Predix ServiceMax is providing an outcome, not just a product.

As we take into account the whole of this study, we know that our customers value their customer satisfaction more than ever, and ServiceMax from GE Digital can provide a successful path forward. Companies of all kinds – from manufacturing to solar –  are looking to deliver consistent, outstanding outcomes, and we’ve followed that trajectory with each evolution of our platform. This study illustrates the real business and operational value in modernizing field service operations. From increasing first-time fix rates to optimizing engineer productivity and managing inventory more efficiently, it’s clear Predix ServiceMax reaches deep into an organization to provide these outcomes.

There’s more to discover in the survey itself, and we are glad to share it with you in full today. To all of our customers who participated in the study, thank you.

Read the entire study here.

ABOUT Patrice Eberline

Avatar photoPatrice Eberline is the former vice president of global customer transformation at ServiceMax. She has nearly two decades of services and leadership experience and has held leadership roles at several fast-growing software companies, including SuccessFactors and Infor.