It’s impossible to stay on top of every service news story. (We get it.) Don’t miss a beat with our monthly “In Case You Missed It” series. Keep reading for this month’s top stories, from three big problems freelance technicians could solve for your organization to the field service heroes who terrify us.

3 Freelance Labor Success Stories

Field service management platforms offer real and measurable results for companies who desire to build and manage a variable workforce. These benefits range from cost and time savings, to efficiency and productivity gains, broadened reach and improved customer satisfaction.

Read more from service management expert Michael Blumberg.

Mobility Survey: Enter to Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

Field Service Digital and The Service Council are partnering on a research project to identify the maturity level of mobile applications and devices in field service. Where does your organization fit?

Take the survey for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Wearable Tech: A New Frontier for Safety in the Field

In the past, the best a manager could hope for was a call to confirm that a technician arrived safely, now it is possible to follow employees in the field more closely with the mobile phones and other IoT-enabled devices in the modern technician’s toolkit.

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Mentoring Program Win-Win: Happier Employees, More Profit

Aberdeen research shows that 76 percent of top-performing field service organizations have formal mentoring or coaching programs in place, compared to a 41 percent industry average.

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Meet the Ghoulish Service Team Behind Halloween Screams

The attractions are a mixed feat of creativity and mechanical engineering, with custom animatronics, DMX lighting, 3-D technology, motion sensors and even beam detectors. And with attendees interacting so closely with the set, no detail goes unnoticed.

Read more about what it takes to convert an abandoned prison into one of the nation’s top scare factories every Halloween.