Field service technicians fix all sorts of devices, from common household machines like dishwashers to heavy-duty equipment like industrial generators. Those machines are often tagged with barcodes that, when scanned, relay vital information to the technicians who maintain and repair them.

Recently, those trusty scanners have become much more powerful. New models like Honeywell’s Granit 1280i laser scanner can read barcodes from more than 50 feet away. (The average barcode scanner’s rage is about six feet.) The Granit features a bright LED screen that allows techs to read scanner feedback even in poor lighting. The device retails for $645, and Honeywell claims that it is durable enough to withstand a six-foot drop up to 6-feet drops and extreme temperatures.

These new generation of laser scanners promise to help techs diagnose problems on large or inaccessible equipment, in the harshest conditions.

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