The following post about Technology Services World 2014 Best Practices [May 5-7, 2014] originally appeared on John Ragsdale’s blog, Ragsdale’s Eye on Service, and is re-posted here with permission.

I wanted to recap some of the info from my “Power Hour” session [at TSW 2014 Best Practices], which focused on technology trends and the results from my 2014 Global Technology Survey. The results of the survey were released yesterday, including 10 research reports based on the data published on The survey tracks adoption, satisfaction and planned spending across 24 categories of tools and services. We use the adoption data to build the annual heatmap:

As you can see, the categories are color-coded according to adoption level, with letters indicating which service discipline each category applies to (“E”=education services, “F”=field service, “M”=managed services, “P”=professional services, “R”=service revenue generation, “S”=support services).

The three categories that saw the highest adoption gains during 2013 were:

  • Field Service Parts and Logistics: +8 percent
  • Knowledge and Content Management: +6 percent
  • Intelligent Search: +5 percent

Another area everyone is always interested in is planned spending: Where are companies investing during the next 1-2 years? Here’s a list of the top investment areas, with more than 50 percent of TSIA members having budget earmarked for new or additional purchases in 2014-2015:

  • Enterprise CRM: In a cloud world, buying CRM is never over as every new feature requires an additional purchase
  • Communities and Collaboration: Focus shifts from customer communities to employee collaboration
  • Knowledge and Content Management: Mobile and social driving spending across disciplines
  • Reporting and Analytics: Real-time dashboards key requirements across disciplines
  • Multichannel Platforms: Continued investments in chat, social channels added to core multichannel strategy

For more details on adoption and spending trends, see the spending reports for each discipline live now on

Adopted with permission from Ragsdale’s Eye on Service

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