Have you ever felt that sickening moment after you drop a smartphone and realize the screen is cracked? Accidents happen, and smartphones aren’t always durable enough to survive work in the field. That’s why Caterpillar developed a smartphone that can handle nearly anything a tech throws at it.

Caterpillar says its Cat B15 smartphone can withstand a six-foot drop and being submerged in three-feet of water for 30 minutes. The phone, outfitted with an aluminum body and an impact-resistant screen, weighs about 170 grams (almost half a pound). It runs on Android’s latest operating system (Jelly Bean), giving users access to more than 850,000 apps in the Google Play store, and retails for $300.

To prove that its rugged smartphone is ready for the field, Caterpillar released a video of attempts to destroy the Cat B15. The first challenge? A 35-foot drop into a pool of water. Next, the company ran over 600 phones with a 4.6-ton Cat 277D multi-terrain loader. Despite the abuse, the phones remained intact and fully functional.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video here:

H/T Laughing Squid