Field service techs all around the world work in a variety of conditions. Whether they’re repairing AC systems in the middle of the desert or taking on the ice-cold challenge of maintaining ice-skating rinks and industrial refrigerators, field techs require comfortable clothing that keeps them warm but is comfortable enough to move around in. Enter the Milwaukee lightweight, heated hoodie. Says Chris Rodenius, editor at Tool Rank, “When users told Milwaukee they didn’t like putting their nice heated jackets through jobsite abuse, Milwaukee’s answer was to come out with a heated hoodie.” Now instead of relying on a nicer jacket that might get ruined on the job or freezing in a thin hoodie, field techs can opt for the best of both worlds.

The hoodie runs for $99 retail — $129 if you include the battery charger, which Rodenius recommends unless you have an M12 battery charger already. The hoodie is designed with three heating zones: one on the back and two on the chest. “It seems like Milwaukee took the time to think things out and even made the hood big enough to fit over a hardhat, which I appreciate,” says Rodenius. “It’s little things like that that help keep the heat in and are what makes the product great.”

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