Every vehicle and piece of machinery has one, usually found stuffed somewhere in the glove compartment and written in some form of technical language that’s difficult for the lay person to translate.

The owner’s manual can often do more to frustrate the customer than help when trying to solve a product issue. However, this may soon change. Augmented reality company¬†Inglobe Technologies¬†has created an app that can assist “even the most clueless driver” in maintaining and even fixing a vehicle, writes Andrew Liszewski for Gizmodo. Should this app, which has been created for tablets, be successful, the possibilities are endless for not only advancing owner’s manuals for other kinds of machinery and equipment, but also for quickly training field service techs on servicing new products. There is, however, some skepticism about whether it could be used for more complex procedures, such as dismantling and rebuilding an engine.

Writes Liszewski, “Demoed on a Ford, not only does the app track and virtually label the most important engine components in real-time, it also includes animated demonstrations of where and how to top up fluid levels, and even check the oil.”

H/T Gizmodo