What’s one way to get your field service organization publicity? A flashy ride, of course.

Take smart thermostat detector Nest. It bought a 1991-vintage Spartan “pumper” truck off of Craigslist in last November and tricked it out. The company took the standard-issue red fire truck and hired West Coast Customs to “pimp out” the truck with a custom grill, biodiesel-powered engine, smoke-alarm demo system, and TV and sound system.

“Here’s the summary: it wasn’t easy,” says Doug Sweeny, vice president of marketing a Nest. “The process included lengthy arguments about what ‘metal’ means, heated discussions about the color blue, one climb through the ventilation shafts in the office, several meetings in a conference room with a shark tank, and one discussion of whether adding a fire pit on top of the truck was ‘on brand’. It was not.”

How would you trick your service trucks?

H/T Inman News