Want a cargo van that’s sure to double as a serious marketing tool for your service operation? Either look to the future of alternative-energy vehicles or revisit the past with Nissan’s funky-yet-reliable S-Cargo van. Built a quarter-century ago, the S-Cargo came with a 1.5 liter, four-cylinder engine, a 3-speed automatic transmission and a max output of 72 horsepower. But what the S-Cargo lacked in juice it more than made up for in style. “The Nissan S-Cargo was a front drive, commodious, completely bizarre vehicle that was remarkably utilitarian,” notes The Fast Lane Car blog. At one point it even boasted a fan club of small business owners. Although Nissan manufactured only 12,000 S-Cargo vans in Japan, marketing-savvy business owners can still get them for about $5,000 apiece (not including shipping).