For over half a century, the Ford E-Series cargo van has been best-selling van in the US. Starting at $25,000, the E-Series is a goliath capable of towing up to 10,000 lbs. However, with the recent release of the Ford Transit Connect — the modern, light-duty vehicle that promises more fuel-efficiency and storage capabilities — it looks like the E-Series may have some serious competition.

For fleet managers who prefer the E-Series, advises Alex L. Dykes, editor for The Truth About Cars, the time to stock up is now. “At the end of the day the E-Series is a tired workhorse that knows it’s being sent to pasture,” Dykes says. “Sales remain high for one reason; companies like a homogeneous fleet. Fleet buyers like being able to buy the same van they brought 10 years ago, knowing the same custom widgets will bolt right on. Perhaps that’s why Ford has pledged that the E-Series will soldier on.”

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