Where would we be without the service experts and bloggers who, day in and day out, offer key insights into delivering top-notch customer service and arming techs with the skills and tools to do their jobs well? This week, in keeping with the spirit of gratitude, we offer these crackerjacks our heartfelt thanks.

1. Aly Pinder

Blog: Aberdeen Research Blog

Aly Pinder is a champion of positioning field service organizations as revenue-drivers within the company. Pinder, a researcher and analyst at Aberdeen, shares best practices and insights on how organizations can improve service and support processes to increase customer retention.

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2. Tom Morang

Blog: The Service Coach

Want to know the value lost on failed sales lead? How to handle a negative customer review? The Service Coach blog, from field service and technology consulting company of the same name, tackles the toughest service problems. Managed by Tom Morang, there’s something for everyone here, with topics ranging from social media practices to new tech tools.

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3. Sumair Dutta

Blog: The Service Council Blog

More than just a blog, The Service Council (TSC) exclusively offers its members exclusive research and information, as well as a community where field service executives can discuss all things field service. While the community and research sections are members-only, the blog is open to the public. Managed by TSC’s chief customer officer, Sumair Dutta, the blog draws from TSC research and community feedback to drive discussion on the latest trends and innovations in the field service industry.

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5. Regan Billie

Blog: Fleetmatics

What do HVAC techs, school bus drivers, plumbers and truckers have in common? As it turns out — a lot. Especially when it comes to road safety, fuel budgets and managing a mobile workforce. Whether it’s cutting fuel costs or improving on vehicle tracking processes, the Fleetmatics blog, managed by social media coordinator, Regan Billie,  is the fleet manager’s go-to source for the latest on fleet management tips and trends.

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5. Sarah Nicastro

Blog: Field Technologies Online

Whether you’re looking for smart field service software reviews or a breakdown of the latest Gartner field service report, Field Technologies Online will have it. Managed by editor-in-chief Sarah Nicastro, the blog offers insight on things from mobile optimization for the field to best practices for management. FTO keeps readers in the loop on the latest breakthroughs and happenings in the industry.

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6. Joe Crisara

Blog: Contract Selling

Persuasion is Joe Crisara’s middle name — as evidenced by his smart tips on post 21 Paths to Persuasion. As the CEO of Contract Selling, a sales consulting firm focused mainly on contractors and field service organizations, Crisara shares his insights on how readers can grow their sales margin and increase their bottom line.

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7. John Rasgdale

Blog: Ragsdale Eye on Service

Fresh insights into this year’s hottest service tech trends? Check. Recap of this year’s TechBEST award winners? Check. An extensive blog roll of best practices in the service tech industry? Check and Check. If you’re looking for smart insights in the service tech world, you’ll want to follow John Ragsdale’s blog. Vice president of technology and research at the Technology Services Industry Association and author of Lessons Unlearned, a customer service guide, Ragsdale’s blog reflects his insights on the latest in field service and customer service.

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8. Deanna Gillen

Blog: The Field Service Blog

From the creators of annual conferences Field Service East and Field Service Europe, Worldwide Business Research’s Field Service Blog is managed by the company’s content manager Deanna Gillen. Covering field service insights worldwide, the blog offers insight into the latest industry trends, such as cloud technology and mobile tech.

 9. Shep Hyken

Blog: Customer Service Blog

Winning at customer service and enjoying it are two of the side effects of becoming a regular reader of Shep Hyken’s customer service blog. Customer service guru and bestselling author, Hyken shares his weekly insights, advice, and anecdotes on what it means to build and strengthen customer loyalty through service and positivity.

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10. Kevin Benedict

Blog: Mobile Enterprise Strategies

Keeping your field service mobile strategy up to date in a constantly changing, BYOD-world isn’t easy. Mobility analyst, Kevin Benedict, aims to make mobile management smoother for managers by sharing his insights in the Field Mobility News Weekly and on his blog, covering the latest in how businesses are implementing mobile technology in the field as well as sharing field service market data and trends.

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