There are have been many major advancements in welding since the days of blacksmiths forging metals with heat and hammer. Take, for example, the wire-feeder welder: a smaller, more portable machine perfect for in-house projects, welding on the go, or a basic mechanic shop.

According to Popular Mechanics, the wire-feeder makes the job of welding much easier — and cost efficient — for both industrial and at-home settings. Welders with a wire-feeder will spend anywhere between $300-$1,200 dollars on the device where as high-tech industrial welders retail for thousands more.

Pictured here is the Taurus 505. Developed by German manufacturer EWM, the Taurus is intended for use in steelwork, mining and vehicle construction. Although the machine is heavy and requires a roll cage for transport in the field, the Taurus comes equipped with a modular welder that can be water or gas cooled as well as wire-feeders that produce constant voltage for uninterrupted welding.