It’s got the same drivetrain as that cute all-electric Nissan Leaf, but the new Nissan e-NV200 commercial van is equipped with industrial features and equipment add-ons that can turn it into a field-service workhorse. Scheduled to enter production in 2014, the e-NV200 is an all-electric version of the popular NV200 van. Stephen Edelstein at Green Car Reports has a preview with more details:

“The e-NV200, an electric version of the NV200 compact van, was first unveiled as a concept at the 2012Detroit auto show. Nissan has been testing prototypes with commercial fleets since then. The e-NV200 is basically an NV200 with the running gear of a Leaf. It has the Leaf’s 80-kilowatt (110 horsepower) electric motor and 24 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, but considerably more cargo space.”

h/t: Green Car Reports