Navistar eStarIt might look more like something out of Blade Runner than a commercial service fleet — but the all-electric, rear-wheel-drive Navistar eStar is gaining traction as a field-service workhorse. It’s also a popular new addition to FedEx’s expanding alternative-energy vehicle fleet. (We spotted one in downtown San Francisco yesterday.)

Electric workhorse

Ridelust offers a few technical details: “Power comes from a 70 kw electric motor, good for 102 horsepower and 221 ft-lb of torque. Batteries are listed as “cassette style”, which (in theory) makes them easily replaced at end of life, or easily upgradable from the standard 80 kWhr configuration as technology progresses. It’s got a range of up to 100 miles per charge, it’ll take up to a 4,000 pound payload and it’ll go up to 50 miles per hour (relegating it to city-only use). Using a Level 2 charger (220 volt), the eStar can be fully recharged in about 8 hours. FedEx tested four eStars for routes in Los Angeles, and found the battery range to be sufficient for a normal eight hour shift.”

Price: $150,000. (Ouch.)

Here’s a closer look at the eStar:

h/t: Ridelust