Deanna Gillen, the editor of The Field Service Blog has some interesting statistics on worker productivity: the average employee spends up to two hours of an 8-hour work day posting to Facebook, shopping on Amazon, job searching on LinkedIn or engaged in another non-work activity.

“In a perfect work, our field technicians would be hard at work, 100% of the time,” writes Gillen, citing a new infographic from Nice Systems, an Israel-based digital management solutions company. “[I]t’s unrealistic to think that our field technicians won’t ever fall victim to the inevitable time-suck that is apparent across all jobs, industries and titles.”

A Realistic Goal: 1 Hour or Less

What are the biggest productivity killers? Social media, web surfing and Fantasy Football, among other distractions. According to the research, it’s not laziness that compels most workers to waste time. The No. 1 reason for slacking off: workers say they aren’t challenged enough in their jobs. At the bottom of the list of reasons? low pay.

Gillen has some advice for field service managers: “Before you implore a complete overhaul of your mobile devices, take heart. When it comes to improving the performance and increasing the productivity of your field service force, fleet managers must take in the bigger picture. There IS an ideal balance of work and play that will keep your employees refreshed and engaged. The key for companies is to manage these time wasters at work to an ideal level.”

According to researchers at Nice, the goal is to bring the time spent on non-work activity down to less than an hour a day.