Are you a newbie or an old hand on Twitter? Either way, knowing who to follow for cutting-edge technology, sharp insights and active conversations about all-things field service can be overwhelming. So we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you. Below are 10 influencers –some specific to field service, others with expertise across industries — whose Tweets you’ll want to follow: 

Field Service

John Ragsdale is vice president of technology and social research at the Technology Services Industry Association. He’s also the author of Lessons Unlearned, a customer service guide.

Tony Karrer is the author of the eLearning Technology blog. He’s also a great resource on Twitter for identifying must-reads on TradesHub, a site that tracks the latest field service news.

Ron Palinkas writes the Service Blog.

Customer Service

Shep Hyken is the author of The Amazement Revolution, a New York Times bestseller.

Ron Kaufman is founder of UP! Your Service, a customer service columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek and author of New York Times bestseller Uplifting Service.

Michael Lytle is the director of global technology services and operations at Enterasys.

Flavio Martins is the author of the Win the Customer blog.


Joe Crisara is CEO of Contract Selling.

Greg Alexander is CEO of Sales Benchmark Index, a sales consulting shop, and author of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness blog.

Mark Synek is a principal in sales at Sales Benchmark Index.