The old adage, “the customers are always right,” has long been Gospel in the world of customer service. That’s true even when they’re not, says Shep Hyken, a customer-service expert and author of “The Amazement Revolution.” Right or wrong, “they’re always the customer.”

That core understanding should drive every customer interaction, says Hyken. To learn how to train your teams to embrace a problem-solving approach to customer service, join Hyken in a “Customer Solutions” chat on Twitter at 12:00 p.m. PT on Thursday, April 4. Hosted by SmartVan, the discussion will touch on all aspects of customer service today, from in the field to social media.

Please join us by using the #CustSolutions hashtag to ask questions or provide your own insights. And stay tuned: we will spotlight the key takeaways from Hyken’s chat here on SmartVan.