HubSpot reported that 92 percent of online users first turn to Web search engines to look up services and products. How, then, can service organizations capitalize on those inbound web leads and convert them into real business?

Joe Crisara, a sales educator and founder of, offered three tips for field service organizations to convert on online leads.

1. Be Clear and Straightforward

A shocking number of company sites don’t make it explicit what they really do, Crisara says. Online attention spans are short, so make sure readers can get the gist of your services after just glancing at your site for a few seconds. Your website’s description, which search engines display to users even before they click on the link, needs to succinctly and directly state who you are and what you do. Next, put that information in a visible place on your homepage — not at the very bottom of the page or on a subpage.

“Don’t hide behind your website,” Crisara says. “Let the public know who you are and why you exist. Tell your story about how and why you are in business. The No. 1 thing people want to know is, ‘Who are these people?’ Answer that on your website and you will differentiate your service.”

2. Use Color — To a Point

Website design is an important element in guiding a potential customer toward a sale. Using bright colors to guide the eye toward important details is key — but don’t overdo it; you may end up with a homepage that looks like a pediatrician’s waiting room.

“Use orange, red, and yellows to draw the eye to where you want them to go,” like the company phone number or an online order form, he says. “Keep the rest of the site colors conservative so that the call to action is prominent.”

3. Make It Easy to Buy

The biggest single tool a service company can utilize to convert online leads into sales is an easy-to-use online order form — a place for a customer to request service on a particular day or time. This needs to be prominently displayed on your site, Crisara says.

“Consider putting the order service form on the frontpage of your website,” Crisara says. “Why make people click to get to this form? Consider using the right navigation bar just below the header for this purpose.”

But don’t overwhelm the customer — that can annoy and drive them away. Place order forms where it would make sense, like below a product description and in the navigation bar.

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