Tablets have quickly turned from personal media consumption tools to business workhorses, with stronger computing power and more and better business-related apps. Just how is the field service industry benefitting form the tablet revolution? Here’s a look:

  • Cost Cutting and ConvenienceCarrying loads of paperwork around a job site can be a hassle — and in some instances, even add to costs. While tablets may cost a pretty penny at the onset, managers are finding that it saves in terms of long-term costs and the boost in productivity. The iPad has helped sort out all the paperwork that Mit-E-Ducts field manager Chad Engle has to handle. He told us: “It’s made my transition a whole lot easier and smoother.” Read more
  • Productivity: With service apps like Accellion, ionGrid, and ServiceMax (our sponsor), field service managers are finding that tablets can help make day-to-day tasks easier to complete. Other helpful apps include those for traffic navigation and mobile payment apps. “Field workers aren’t just looking to access information on mobile devices,” says the Altimeter Group’s Chris Silva. “They’re making notations, editing a document, or maybe even creating information from the field.” Read more
  • Training and Collaboration Via Video: For a tech stuck on a repair, the ability to access how-to videos and tutorials via tablet video tools is a huge bonus. A company called Ooyala has even worked on a video content app for field services specifically. Techs can communicate with other workers and managers if need be, showing a job site or repair via the tablet’s camera. Read more.

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