Do you remember those games where, for 25 cents (or whatever they cost now), you’d try to guide a mechanical claw toward that plush toy you’d had your eye on? Only, at the crucial moment when you’d press the button to pinch the claw, the toy would somehow be a little too heavy, or too awkward, to hold? It never seemed to work. It’s like the thing was rigged against you.

Well, in this week’s installment of the SmartVan Job of the Week feature — where we troll our very-own Field Service Digital Job Board for the cream of the crop, we’re highlighting a gig where you’ll have the unique opportunity to investigate the inner-workings of those puzzling, frustrating, tormenting games. National Entertainment Network, which produces those toy-vending machine games, is hiring for a field service workers to maintain, repair, and service its machines.

It’s just another example of what we’ve been saying over and over: Field service is a huge field, with tentacles in all sorts of different — sometimes unlikely — areas. This job board is a chance to highlight some of those positions, and shine a light on the things people do in the field every day. Check back here weekly for another sampling of eye-catching positions being advertised.

Repair, service arcade machines

Doing What: Service, install, remove, and repair those toy-vending machine games you always see in pizza places and arcades.

Where: Fond du Lac, Wis.

For Whom: National Entertainment Network.

The Skinny: NEN, the company that produces those vending games (plus a bunch of other, similar thing-a-ma-jigs) is hiring for several field-service workers to go out and take care of its wares. Employees will drive a company truck along a route to check in on the machines and provide any necessary work, including maintenance, cleaning, removal, installation, and repairs. A high school degree and clean driving record are required.

Work on construction equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment is hiring for a field repairman to work out of its San Leandro, Calif., shop. The employee is required to do mechanical repairs on a range of Volvo construction machines, from wheel loaders to excavators, articulated haulers, and more compact equipment.  The position requires a throughout knowledge hydraulic, air, electrical, and lubrication systems, plus some knowledge of welding. Requires a minimum of seven years’ experience working on construction-related equipment.

Repair, diagnose boiler systems

The Blake Group, based in Connecticut, is hiring for a boiler field service tech with at least five years’ experience working on piping, steam handling, and combustion. Candidates should hold an HVAC contractor or journeyman license, or a heating, cooling and piping contractor’s license, and be ready to travel throughout Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

Provide customer support for mining company

Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA is hiring for a field service tech to work in Elko, Nev., mostly providing product support to customers and distributors. The company mostly sells rock-drilling tools, construction and demolition equipment, drill rigs, and other heavy equipment, so a knowledge of similar machines is beneficial. Applicants should also have a technical school certificate and a strong mechanical aptitude, the advertisement says.

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