We’ve hit the jackpot in this week’s installment of the SmartVan Jobs of the Week, literally. OK, not literally. But this is probably about as close as we’re likely to get to triple-7s in a job listing.

It turns out a gaming company in Ohio is hiring for a field service tech to repair slot machines and video card games at a number of casinos using their machines. So when we say “hit the jackpot,” we really mean hit it with a wrench.

Field service, we know, is a huge field with its tentacles in all sorts of different areas, and this is a chance to highlight some of those jobs and shine a light on the things people do in the field every day. Check back here weekly for a sample of some of the more eye-catching jobs available through our SmartVan job board.

Fix the game, repair slot machines

Doing What: Install, repair, diagnose, and maintain video card machines and slot machines in casinos.

Where: Sandusky, Ohio.

For Whom: WMS Gaming.

The Details: We’ve actually talked about this very thing before here at the SmartVan, so if you’d like an inside peek at what this kind of job’s all about, read on. Basically you’ll need to be able to diagnose malfunctioning video poker games and get them back up and running. The advertisement says that a successful candidate should have between one and three years of training, schooling, or experience with electronics. Candidates should also be able to use basic hand tools, some more advanced test equipment, be computer-literate, and be willing to get an M1 or M2 certification from SMU.

A Few Other Jobs

Service X-Ray Machines

General Electric’s Healthcare division is hiring for a field service mechanic to repair and work on its X-Ray machines in hospitals and clinics in Mississippi. A bachelor’s or associates degree in electrical engineering or the equivalent is requested, as well as two years’ experience working on electrical equipment and diagnosing and repairing mechanical or electromechanical equipment. A previous history of working with X-Ray machines is desired.

Work at a Farm, Without Working on a Farm

Hagie, makers of industrial-sized water sprinklers for farms, is hiring for a field repairman to work on the company’s machines, based in Clarion, Iowa. Candidates should have general mechanical skills, including knowledge of electrical and hydraulic systems. Prior experience working with agricultural equipment is required, as is a degree or relevant experience in either diesel technology, hydraulics, electronics, or agricultural engineering.

Maintain coin counters in England

Coinstar is hiring for a field service representative in London to maintain, clean, and fix its coin-counting machines and Redbox DVD vending machines (you seem them in grocery stores all over the place). Previous customer service and route servicing experience a plus.

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