On December 15, 2023, ServiceMax launched the latest updates to its Core product platform with release 23R3.

With the release of ServiceMax Core 23R3, we’re ushering in a new era of asset-centric field service. As part of the Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) portfolio at PTC, ServiceMax gives our customers the tools they need to address a wider range of challenges and use cases, from remote-first service to parts planning. And it’s all backed by our deep field service expertise, now extended by PTC’s industry-leading product portfolio and digital thread solutions.

With the advanced asset-centric and service optimizations capabilities available in ServiceMax, paired with the capabilities of the PTC portfolio, leading organizations can not only establish the foundation for their service businesses but also accelerate their offerings to become:

  • Customer-centric and commercially ready
  • Predictive and remote-first
  • Resource optimized
  • Data-driven for service and business outcomes

Powering the Remote-First Service Organization

The first milestone in our connected service roadmap, we introduce new capabilities empowering service teams adopting a remote-first, hybrid approach to service delivery.

The world we live in is increasingly hybrid, and service is no exception. Customers expect faster, more efficient service, and a combined traditional and remote approach leveraging new technologies to service delivery is key to maintaining operating margins and delivering a great customer experience.

A visual representation of Connected Service Plans, powered by ThingWorks, functionality for ServiceMaxCore

To help our customers drive service execution excellence and deliver a better customer experience, Core 23R3 includes key capabilities that connect service execution to IoT.

  • Connected Service Plans – leverage live equipment data to inform proactive maintenance strategies.
  • Remote-First Service – powerful remote investigation capabilities that allow remote service engineers to efficiently investigate a service issue while capturing & reviewing pertinent asset data such as service history, asset attributes, IoT data, and more.

Powered by real-time data delivered by IoT solutions such as ThingWorx, remote engineers can trigger predictive service events, remotely resolve service events or develop effective resource and work plans for the field technicians that are dispatched.

ServiceMax & Servigistics: A Powerful Duo for Service Optimization

Service parts management and parts optimization are primary focus areas for service organizations. The right part at the right location is often critical to support asset and customer uptime. Leveraging Servigistics’ industry-leading forecasting and optimization capabilities, ServiceMax customers can address parts management challenges to improve first-time fix rates, optimize stock inventories, and reduce carrying costs.

A visual representation of Field Stock Optimization using ServiceMax data with Servigistic's industry-leading forecasting functionality in ServiceMax Core

Field Stock Optimization, introduced in ServiceMax Core 23R3, enables organizations to tap into the powerful forecasting and parts planning capabilities of Servigistics. ServiceMax users can view and adjust stock levels directly in ServiceMax Core for technician vans and other forward stocking locations. This would reduce and eliminate excess inventory in the field while repositioning that inventory to areas that need it most, improving service execution, increasing asset uptime, and lowering inventory-related costs.

Leveraging AI in Field Service

We’re proud to announce that a select number of customers now have the ability to harness AI in field service with ServiceMax CoPilot (Closed Private Beta). ServiceMax CoPilot is an AI-powered, natural language assistant with specific skills such as scheduling service events or researching asset service history.

A visual representation of ServiceMax's brand new AI called Copilot. It also shows an example of Copilot's functionality and a couple of use cases

While currently only available to a limited set of customers, watch this space as we further develop and refine targeted AI use cases for field service management.

DataGuide Enhancements

Based on customer feedback, DataGuide now includes two new capabilities: Release & Claim and PDF Customization (Beta).

A visual representation of DataGuide Release & Claim functionality for ServiceMax Core

Release & Claim enables multiple technicians to work on a single form. Release & Claim allows a technician to start a form, and then release it to the next technician to complete on the work order. This address complex form use cases where multiple technicians work on a single order, such as in a depot setting.

PDF Customization (Beta) is a new drag-and-drop, no code designer for admins to customize which fields of a form is printed in the PDF output, as well as design the layout and look and feel of the printed form.

Learn More About the Core 23R3 Release

Core 23R3 includes additional features in Service Board, Timesheets, Engage, and more. To learn more, view the release notes, or visit the Community Kitchen to join in the discussion

ABOUT Wendy Tai

Wendy TaiWendy Tai is a director of product marketing at ServiceMax. She works closely with product, marketing, and partner teams to message, position, and drive the go-to-market for ServiceMax products. Wendy has 10+ years of experience in marketing and product marketing at both startups and large corporations, most recently launching emerging technology products in augmented reality and 3D for Adobe Systems and Hewlett-Packard. Wendy holds a BA in Communications from the University of California, Berkeley.