Field service management apps have revolutionized operations and productivity. With these apps, field workers are empowered to successfully complete work orders, present service reports for customer signature, provide pricing of labor, parts and products in the field, access knowledge and collaborate with other techs and experts and much more.

An effective field service mobile app is configurable and comes complete with scheduling, work estimates, checklists, troubleshooting, and work order debriefs. It also delivers consistent workflows for every type of service scenario so that technicians can always get the job done.

With a field service management app and a reliable internet connection, field workers are equipped to handle any task.

But what about when there is no internet connection?

Using an FSM App Without an Internet Connection

Without an internet connection, your FSM app is not able to perform any of its core functions. An alternative could be having a paper-based system on hand in the case that your FSM app cannot access the internet, but this can be difficult to maintain and track as you continue on to other jobs, and may even slow you down.

When your paper-based field service processes slow your cash flow, you need a reliable application with offline capabilities that helps engineers and technicians keep accurate records of each service visit.

The Power of an Offline FSM App

Not only can you rely on your FSM app in any situation with offline capabilities, but you can feel fully equipped to access whatever you need to get the job done.

Checklists, forms, client records, and even instructional videos can all be accessed with an offline FSM app such as ServiceMax Go.

ServiceMax Go offers the best offline performance for technicians and engineers. The ServiceMax Go field service management mobile app is perfect for the “disconnected day” and keeps technicians working while offline for hours, days, weeks, and even months.

With Smart Sync, technicians can access customer and equipment information, or capture service remotely, regardless of internet connectivity.

What is an Offline Field Service Mobile App?

With online-only apps, data is updated and synchronized in real time. If there is no connection, the app won’t be able to work. Apps that offer offline capabilities defer synchronizing of data until an internet connection is available.

That means an offline FSM mobile app allows technicians to continue using the app and inputting information, even if they do not have an internet connection. This is critical for technicians in rural areas, on oil rigs, or working underground.

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