On April 6, ServiceMax launched the latest updates to its Core product platform with release 23 R1. This is the first (of three) major releases on ServiceMax Core for the year.

The ServiceMax Core 23 R1 release focuses on empowering the broader service team with actionable data and insight to allow the team to focus on the critical parts of their service work. The release emphasizes that service is a team sport and it takes an informed set of customers, dispatchers, partners, technicians, and more to keep the world running. Highlights in the release include:

  • Engage 1.7 – Service teams can extend new reporting styles to their end customers to track asset performance
  • Service Board 23.0 – Dispatchers can now easily identify critical appointments and work orders that are in jeopardy and need their attention
  • DataGuide 4.0 – Now available in Salesforce Web, customers and partners can access the rich form and document generation capability to support service events
  • Go 6.0 – Technicians can share multiple attachments per debrief to document and close out their service work

With this release, ServiceMax continues to flex its experience in complex field service and service execution by bringing the most powerful user-focused applications paired with advanced automation tools, and critical insights, all natively on the cloud, to support the needs of today’s service organizations. As a result, organizations on ServiceMax Core can continue to:

  • Drive efficiency and operating margins
  • Maximize revenue
  • Increase asset and customer lifetime value

Service Board Takes On Jeopardy Management

In Core 23 R1, we are bringing the power of advanced data scanning capabilities to dispatchers and planners. Jeopardy Management in Service Board alerts dispatchers to jobs and appointments that might be at risk, enabling them to make the necessary adjustments. If technicians are running late or haven’t accepted their appointments, thereby creating a likelihood of missed SLAs or disappointed customers, dispatchers can be alerted to jeopardy events and take the necessary actions. As a result, customers can expect:

  • More informed and productive dispatchers
  • Efficient and effective technicians
  • Satisfied end customers

DataGuide Extends its Reach

DataGuide continues to deliver advanced capabilities to meet organizations’ service, maintenance, inspection, and compliance needs. Now available for Salesforce Web (in addition to ServiceMax Go across all mobile platforms), DataGuide 4.0 allows users in the customer and partner communities to take advantage of its advanced form and document generation capabilities. This extends the reach to partners, contractors, and others looking to capture and present rich service data. As a result:

  • Customers can fill out pre-event forms to ready the site for service work and prevent wasted service trips
  • Partners can access and complete key forms while delivering needed service data
  • Service organizations can expedite the closure of work orders and drive key insights from captured service data

To learn more about DataGuide and its complete capabilities, listen in to Archana Krishnan discuss its capabilities in our recent product spotlight.

Go Gets the Job Done

ServiceMax Go is powerful in helping technicians manage their schedules, timesheets, and work orders all via their mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows). All of those areas get UX enhancements to make the technician’s life a little bit easier, starting with improved sharing and communication of attachments.

Other Updates in Core 23 R1

There’s still more. ServiceMax Core 23 R1 comes with the following updates;

  • Engage: Configurable picklists to monitor customer request cancellations
  • Service Board: Actual time events displayed for real-time adjustment and schedule management
  • DataGuide: Improved language translation and locale settings for output documents
  • Go: User experience enhancements to help technicians manage timesheets and long-term schedules
  • And much more

Learn More About the Core 23 R1 Release

For those interested in learning more about the release, you can find:

Customers looking for additional detail can review recorded material from our Product Managers (Litmos – access required) or reach out to their Account Management team for further details.

ABOUT Sumair Dutta

sumair duttaSumair Dutta is the VP of product marketing at ServiceMax. In this role, he helps shape ServiceMax messaging and positioning to support customers and prospects. Previously, Sumair worked closely with leaders of service businesses to define and shape their service vision while working hand in hand with implementation teams to execute on established service plans. Sumair is a thought leader in the field service and service management spaces and has conducted numerous research projects in the areas of field service, customer support and business strategy. He brings more than 15 years of experience in studying, analyzing and guiding field service organizations, first at the Aberdeen Group and most recently as the chief customer officer at The Service Council.