On December 15, ServiceMax launched the latest updates to its Core solution with release 22 R4. With this final major release for the calendar year 2022, ServiceMax continues to flex its experience in complex field service by bringing the most powerful user-focused applications, enabling back-end technology, advanced automation tools, and critical insights, all natively on the cloud, to support the needs of today’s service organizations. As a result, organizations on ServiceMax Core can continue to:

  • Drive Efficiency and Operating Margins
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Increase Asset and Customer Lifetime Value

The release is also reflective of a lot of hard work throughout the year from our product management and engineering teams who continue to innovate and enhance the product on behalf of our customers.

A Conversation About Service

The ServiceMax Core R4 release is built around the theme of an End-to-End conversation as it brings to the forefront elements of the conversational interface and supporting bot technology enabled via our Zinc solution. In R3 (released in August) we spoke of how our applications are working better together, we are now injecting a new level of targeted automation that allows for these conversations to be supported with conversational Bots that can triage or direct request to the appropriate channel.

Highlights include:

  • Engage 1.6 – Customers can now initiate chats (with support or bots) from existing customer requests to update, add information, or edit requests
  • Zinc 5.27 – With the new Hotline chatbot administrative console, administrators can now easily build chatbots to triage, route, or resolve requests from technicians or customers
  • DataGuide 3.0 – Technicians can now use a single and simple form interface to update and validate information on multiple assets on a single work order
  • Service Board 22.2 – Offering dispatchers the ability to utilize maps to view and manage their Recommended Resources for service work
  • Service Analytics (Beta) – Providing service and other business leaders with new Profitability, Cost-to-Serve, and Contract-Related dashboards
  • And much more impacting Field Change Orders, Time Sheets, Installed Base Management, and PM Plans

Expanded highlights

1. Let’s Chat: Unleashing Bots with a Purpose in Zinc

In Core 22-R4, we are bringing powerful conversational capabilities to those using our Zinc application. Hotlines already offer a powerful way for both customers (using Engage) and technicians (using Go) to find the correct subject matter experts when seeking help. We now offer administrators on Zinc the ability to easily create new and manage new hotline bots to route requests, capture relevant information for triage, and more. As a result, expect

  • Improved productivity and resolution times from your technicians
  • Increased reach of your subject matter experts
  • A better customer experience

2. DataGuide Gets More Prescriptive in version 3.0

DataGuide continues to deliver advanced forms and output document capabilities to meet organizations’ maintenance, inspection, and compliance needs. In version 3.0, we not only extend coverage for those organizations utilizing mobile devices on Windows OS but also offer robust capabilities to capture, validate, and report out on multiple assets associated with a service visit, all on a single form. In addition, output documents look and feel better with our WYSIWYG Document template editor. Organizations can expect:

  • Improved productivity from their technicians
  • Expedited completion of PM, inspection, safety tasks, and paperwork
  • Reduced errors and inconsistencies in data capture

To learn more about DataGuide and its complete capabilities, listen in to our recently recorded product spotlight featuring Archana Krishnan.

3. Have Smarter Conversations with Service Insights (Beta), Powered by CRM Analytics

Service and business leaders need access to the right data to make operational, commercial, and strategic decisions. In 22 R4, we are extending beta access to 4 new dashboards, powered by CRM Analytics. With these leaders can quickly view and measure their business performance and take the necessary steps to drive their businesses forward.

Other Updates in Core 22 R4

There’s still more. ServiceMax Core 22 R4 comes with the following updates;

  • Service Board: Work Order Dependency Visualization and Scheduling for Installation and other Projects
  • Service Board: Managing Recommended Resources via Maps
  • ServiceMax Go: Smart Sync enhancements to keep your technicians on the go
  • Field Change Orders: Using powerful Installed product management and search capabilities to create new opportunities or notifications for proactive account management

Learn More About the Core 22 R4 Release

For those interested in learning more about the release, you can find:

Customers looking for additional detail can review recorded material from our Product Managers (Litmos – access required) or reach out to their Account Management team for further details.

ABOUT Sumair Dutta

sumair duttaSumair Dutta is the VP of product marketing at ServiceMax. In this role, he helps shape ServiceMax messaging and positioning to support customers and prospects. Previously, Sumair worked closely with leaders of service businesses to define and shape their service vision while working hand in hand with implementation teams to execute on established service plans. Sumair is a thought leader in the field service and service management spaces and has conducted numerous research projects in the areas of field service, customer support and business strategy. He brings more than 15 years of experience in studying, analyzing and guiding field service organizations, first at the Aberdeen Group and most recently as the chief customer officer at The Service Council.