ServiceMax Core 22 R1 with new features that drive more productivity for your dispatchers, field technicians, and end customers is now generally available.

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Release Highlights:

Service Board: Planning Mode

The Planning Mode allows dispatchers and planners to plan appointments and make adjustments before committing to them. For technicians, this means they only get one notification when the schedule is locked in and not one for each adjustment.

Service Board: Multiple Routes

Dispatchers can plan routes better and minimize technician travel time with this new view.

Service Board: Integrated Help & System Announcements

Dispatchers have easy access to help and training material, informing them about how to use new and existing features.

Service Board: Optimized Rescheduling & Appointment Locking

Powered by our optimization engine, dispatchers can use this feature to schedule high priority over lower priority work easily and confidently, while respecting committed time slots.

ServiceMax Go: Salesforce Knowledge Integration

The new integration enables technicians to view Salesforce Knowledge Articles associated with a specific work order so they can leverage relevant instructions for servicing equipment.

Zinc: Enhanced Hotline Automation Rules & Visibility Setting

New Hotline settings allow administrators to configure automated replies for users and give them more granular control over when/where Hotlines should be available.

ServiceMax Engage: Advanced Appointment Booking

Driven by rules in the optimization engine, your customers can book appointments without needing to check back with dispatchers, technicians, or call center agents.

ServiceMax Engage: Tailored Requests

Easy to configure, Tailored Requests allow you to address unique requirements and add new use cases such as filing a warranty claim, arranging a sales call, requesting a site survey, and more.

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ABOUT Katharina Streater

Avatar photoAs the former senior product marketing manager at ServiceMax, Katharina Streater drove the scheduling, contractor management, and analytics capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Passionate about technology, Katharina had extensive knowledge in analytics, AI, and held several marketing positions over 14 years at OpenText, a leader in Enterprise Information Management solutions. A native of Germany, she deepened the international character of the ServiceMax product marketing team.