What’s New in the FieldFX Software Suite

by | Nov 10, 2021

At LiquidFrameworks, we are always innovating to help our customers solve their business challenges. Keeping your input in mind, we have added enhancements and new modules to the FieldFX product suite in the past year. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s new in the FieldFX product. 

Enhancements to FX EAM

With the collaborative input from our customers, we’ve improved upon our FX EAM module. The latest enhancements include: 

  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Maintenance By Asset Group
  • Warehouse And Bin Tracking
  • Mobile Work Orders
  • Event-Based Maintenance
  • Robust Out-of-the Box Reporting.  

FX EAM empowers companies to prioritize maintenance and budget around asset utilization. The result? An efficient, standardized, and adaptable maintenance program that delivers real-time data visibility into your assets at each stage of the asset life cycle.

FX DataGuide: Complex Data Collection in the Field Made Simple

FX DataGuide empowers companies to collect data and complete their field forms with or without an Internet connection. The advanced logic built into the forms provides a user-guided experience to deliver the right forms, in the right situations, allowing users to capture more data in the field than ever before. The WYSIWYG designer allows for simple drag and drop functionality for even the most complex form creation. Most importantly, FX DataGuide forms are reportable, helping customers make data-driven decisions aligned with safety and compliance priorities.

FX Trucking: The Dispatcher’s One-Stop Shop

Dispatchers need to operate at maximum productivity to achieve the best outcomes for their service organization. We understand supporting your dispatchers is key to delivering the best service possible to keep your customers happy. With that in mind, we developed FX Trucking. The FX Trucking module is a fit-for-purpose, segment-specific app that provides a seamless experience for the dispatcher. Now dispatchers can access all the information they need from one screen- they no longer need to leave the scheduling screen to create tickets. FX Trucking allows dispatchers to be more efficient with their time with ease of route creation, view of all routes by customers, destination, origin and drivers, and assign multiple drivers to a route (the first to accept is dispatched), to name a few. FX Trucking allows service organizations to maximize dispatcher productivity and efficiency while creating ease of work for the dispatcher.

FX Rental: Rental Lifecycle Data at Your Fingertips 

More and more operators are choosing to rent their assets from service providers instead of owning them . Traditionally managing these rental assets can present many challenges for the service provider. FX Rental was designed to overcome these rental challenges. tFX Rental is a fit-for-purpose module that provides a seamless experience from the warehouse, to the field, to the back office, capturing asset and consumable data throughout the rental lifecycle. Now, service providers can track rental items throughout a job, such as picked quantity, reserve quantity, current fulfillment, and quantity delivered and returned. Having this type of real-time data on the asset is very important for operational success. Insight into which assets are on a customer site, in the warehouse, or simply under maintenance makes for efficient planning for current and upcoming jobs for the planner, warehouse, and biller. 

If you would like to learn more about any of these modules, schedule a demo.