Maximize 2021 is now behind us, but the main theme of resiliency is still echoing in our minds. The past year was one full of resiliency in the face of adversity that many of us have never faced before in business or in personal life. It was almost a year to the day when in 2020 we left our annual company kickoff in Los Angeles, entered airports, boarded planes, and headed home in growing uncertainty as the global pandemic situation continued to worsen. We did not know it then, but 2020 would not be like any other year, and many of us have not been on a plane since. Yet, through all of the upheaval, uncertainty, challenges, and difficulties, ServiceMax and our customers continued to help keep the world running in spite of the COVID-19 Virus.

Opening Keynotes

We had a stellar lineup of keynote addresses this year. Our very own CEO, Neil Barua, welcomed everyone to the first 100% virtual Maximize. Neil laid the groundwork for the event, focusing on how important digital transformation and resilience are to overcoming the challenges of the past year.

We celebrated our new go-to-market strategy and partnership with Salesforce, joined by Denise Dresser, EVP at Salesforce, and Marco Casalaina, SVP Product Management, Einstein at Salesforce, both of whom recognized the value of combining the best routing and optimization, CRM, and asset-centric field service management platforms together into one fully functional, end-to-end platform. This platform enables the connection of the sales/commercial function to the asset maintenance and equipment repair function.

Opening Keynote with Neil Barua and Denise Dresser

 Our customers, as always, tell our stories better than we can. Giancarlo Testaverde, EVP of Operations at MMI, told the compelling story of the power of the end-to-end platform, the force multiplier of connecting Sales to Service, and leveraging service data to drive new opportunities. Anders Öhrblad, VP of Pulp and Energy Solutions at Valmet, a company in business for over 220 years, described their successful efforts at industrial digitization, leveraging service data to drive service growth, and building new offerings based on the insights gained from understanding the utilization of assets in the field.

Finally, Eduardo Bonefont, VP of Life Sciences, Technical Services at BD and Kristen Weaver, Director, Training Development and Service Technology at BD, addressed the topic that everyone involved with Maximize this year was thinking—thanking the front-line staff. The frontline who got up every day, went out into the world, and actually kept the world running. If there was ever a year to celebrate the service engineer, this was it. At the start of the pandemic, BD raced to ensure that technicians had the appropriate PPE, cleaning supplies, and a safe work environment. They also had the benefit of leveraging 5 years of investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to fully engage in virtual remote support to the point where remote AR support sessions were the primary support activities for customers. They continue to pilot new technology in conjunction with ServiceMax and develop improved processes and procedures, experiencing a 400% growth in AI/AR utilization and the return on investment is growing. That is resilient services.

Breakout Sessions

Traditionally, as a member of the Global Customer Transformation Team, one of the highlights of Maximize is hosting breakout sessions with our customers and prospects. Although it was different this year, as were all things, we continued the tradition along with the rest of the ServiceMax staff. The breakout sessions covered a wide variety of topics and were grouped into four channels:

  • Driving Success with Asset 360 & Customer 360
  • Building & Enhancing Your ServiceMax Solution
  • Business Transformation
  • Tips, Tricks & Training

The Driving Success with Asset 360 & Customer 360 channel focused on our new partnership with Salesforce and how ServiceMax’s deep asset and equipment insight capabilities that have enabled us to be a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 5 consecutive years, will now be available in the Salesforce platform.

Asset 360 and Salesforce

Breakout session with Gary Brandeleer from Salesforce

Building & Enhancing Your ServiceMax Solution included a series of sessions on how to best leverage your existing ServiceMax instance to maximum effect, including Service Board, Connected Field Service (IoT), Field Change Orders (FCO’s), Zinc, and our newest application, ServiceMax Engage.

The Business Transformation track contained a lot of sessions on how to apply existing and emerging technology to your current business processes to either shore up your current business performance, expand into new areas of operation, or explore and create new business models. In many cases, both ServiceMax and our customers presented ongoing projects, results, challenges, and successes that should inspire and inform business leaders about what is possible in the fast-paced world of digital transformation.

Finally, Tips, Tricks & Training were a number of sessions designed and planned as a refresher on all of the features, functionality, and utilization of the breadth of ServiceMax solutions. All of these sessions contribute to resiliency in service, enabling a better understanding and utilization of digital transformation in responding to obstacles and achieving service excellence in trying times.

Roundtable Discussions

Throughout Maximize 2021, we held a number of GCT-led roundtable discussions that were laser-focused on resiliency in service. These discussions were open to our customers and prospects and allowed for an open, frank, and detailed discussion on topics from “Utilizing Installed Base Data in Lifecycle Management” to “Building Resiliency into your Supply Chain.” In addition, the ServiceMax Women’s Network hosted a lively and engaging roundtable discussion around equality and career advancement.

Closing Keynotes

After a busy and informative few days, we were pleased to be joined by none other than Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises and star of the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic is considered by some to be the best Point Guard in the history of the NBA and ranked as one of the 50 Best NBA Players of All Time.

In a wide-ranging interview with our own Neil Barua, Magic recounted his best memories of his basketball career, his favorite games of all time, and how he faced and prevailed over adversity through hard work and resilience in his profession and life. Magic pointed out that in many cases his opponent, or adversary, whether the Boston Celtics or, more personally Larry Bird, greatly assisted the LA Lakers, and Magic himself, to become better players. He then connected that same sense of resilience to his career after the NBA. How to transition from player to manager, from team member to leader. His message was profoundly connected to resilience, especially in the face of very tough competition or challenges. Working hard and believing that you have the ability to overcome challenges is key.

Magic Johnson

Special Guest Keynote with Magic Johnson

Joining Magic in this discussion was Manuela Testolini, Founder & President of In A Perfect World, an organization that supports underserved children and encourages young people to take action and make a difference. In A Perfect Wolrd takes the message of resilience and perseverance to youth all over the world. The session highlighted not only the benefit and outcome of resilience but the obligation of those who have made it, who have been fortunate enough to come out the other side, to assist those who are still trying to succeed. It was a fitting end to a tremendous virtual event.

Moving Forward

Maximize 2021 was a new way of doing things. A new way of communicating with our customers, our prospects, and our partners. It was challenging, perplexing, and in the end, extremely successful. We saw how the partnership with Salesforce is changing the marketplace. We also saw how technology can enable service operations to continue in very trying times, and the past year has cast a light on the true value of advanced digital tools for service.

As you prepare to move forward out of the pandemic, I highly encourage you to check out the Maximize sessions that you did not get to attend. All of the keynote and breakout sessions are available on-demand here until April 16.

See how Digital Transformation is changing the way that Daikin Australia is “Listening to Their Assets,” or how Becton Dickinson is helping their customers help themselves.

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