This morning I wake up to a day that will be remembered for a long time. The start of a new journey that will make generations of ServiceMaxers proud. A start of something that signifies two companies, who have been competitors, coming together to “do the right thing” for front-line workers.

We are embarking on a new journey at ServiceMax, in partnership with Salesforce Field Service (formerly known as Field Service Lightning), that will bring ServiceMax’s 13 years of field service expertise and asset-centric approach to more customers across an even broader set of industries who keep critical assets running.

You can read more about the announcement and our new product, ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce here, but I wanted to spend some time focusing on the bigger picture of what a partnership like this means.

For those who have been following the space, you may be wondering how two competitors came to offer a joint solution. It’s actually quite simple: field service is essential. Our guiding principle has always been to help the technicians who service and maintain assets — the people who are making sure we have power and clean water, ensuring critical machines like ventilators and MRI machines are operating, and working around the clock to keep the world running.

COVID-19 has exposed a major digital gap in organizations across industries, and one of the silver linings is it’s finally forcing companies to transform their service business to compete in the future — giving these technicians the tools they need and deserve to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. There has been no time more important than NOW to support the people who need us the most.

Was it easy to build a partnership of trust and transparency? No, it took a lot of hard work across both companies and teams. For over a year, a few of us spent almost every Friday at Salesforce Tower, trying to figure out a way to “do the right thing.” Increasingly over the last 6 months, around-the-clock work with our partners at Salesforce was accomplished in preparation for this launch — work that was done in addition to our “day” jobs. Along the way, we all realized that doing this TOGETHER can work — we have started to build TRUST. In the middle of August, a few of us looked at each other for an exec review (over a Zoom call) and decided it is time we do this and revolutionize field service forever.

We both realized that it is our duty to set our differences aside and enable the technicians who service these machines to do so in the safest, most efficient way possible, so manufacturers, hospitals, power companies, telecommunications networks and hundreds of other essential systems can continue to function. This is what our ServiceMax & Salesforce Field Service customers deserve. This “best of both worlds” product is just what the larger market needs to transform.

At a time in this world when there is so much division in almost all parts of society, we are now part of something truly unique — putting aside our egos and self-interest to “do the right thing” by joining forces to serve the frontline workers who need us so urgently with modern tools. As way of background, Salesforce and ServiceMax have a long history. From friends — initially building the ServiceMax platform on Salesforce back in 2007, to “frenemies” — when Salesforce entered the field service management space in 2016 and we were part of GE, to today — when two competitors have reached across the aisle and joined forces to deliver a solution that will meet the needs of field service organizations of all types and truly make a difference in the world.

My challenge to all business leaders out there is to ask yourself, what can you do for the world? Can you set egos and battle scars aside to reach across the aisle to partner with a rival for the good of customers, the good of the environment, or another greater good? As our world is increasingly polarized with an “us vs. them” mentality, what better time is there to do so?

Leaders need to lead at this moment in our world.  Let’s step up and do our part. I know at ServiceMax, we will keep doing our best because the world right now needs our best to show up every morning.

Let’s do this. It’s showtime.

Learn about Asset 360 for Salesforce here. 


ABOUT Neil Barua

Avatar photoNeil Barua is the Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMax and a member of the Board of Directors. He has an extensive background in the technology industry and a proven track record of growing businesses. Previously, Neil was CEO of IPC Systems. During his tenure, he sold IPC and led a SaaS and data transformation of the company. Most recently, Barua served as an operating partner at Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing. Earlier in his career, he was part of John Legere’s leadership team that helped transform Global Crossing through consistent growth.