How much is your last mile strategy worth? For heavy equipment rental and leasing companies, every day matters when it comes to getting the best utilization out of your assets. Missed collections not only affect your working capital, it is often difficult to prove to a customer that your team was there to collect an asset but was unable to access a site.

That’s why we’re working with ServiceMax to provide enhanced communications around asset delivery, collection, and service appointments. By integrating your ServiceMax workflows with the Localz customer engagement platform, you can keep customers in the loop before, during, and after the day of service.

Here are three ways our equipment hire clients are keeping their customers reassured and happy while increasing revenue operations.

1. Two-way communications

Often the person that hires out equipment isn’t the contact that will be on-site. Keep customers aware on the day of service with Uber-style tracking and two-way communications to increase first-time success rates for equipment deliveries and collections.

The ability to communicate directly with drivers helps ensure trouble-free deliveries and collections. Have them ready and waiting at the gate to not waste any time on the day of delivery or collection.

“Our drivers are ecstatic. For the first time in our drivers’ working lives, the customers are waiting at the site gate.” -Dave Raywood, Director of Marketing and Procurement, HSS Hire

2. Geo-coded Photos

localz item details screenshotArm your mobile workforce with the ability to easily document equipment condition and proof of delivery with geo-coded and time-stamped photos.

Your driver going to collect a piece of equipment most likely isn’t the one that made the delivery. Using the Localz complex proof of delivery module, the delivery driver can snap a geo-coded and time-stamped photo that automatically syncs across your FSM software.

Using that data, your collection driver has a clearer idea of where the kit is in a construction site making collection easier and more successful.

3. Enforce Missed Collection Fees

Exposing your mobile team’s location and allowing for clear communication workflows on the day of service has major benefits. With hard proof that your driver was there on the collection day through geo-coded and time-stamped photos of a closed site gate, you can finally enforce those overage fees outlined in your contract.

When your customers know that they have to uphold their end of the agreement, they are more apt to ensure collection goes smoothly. Using before and after equipment condition reporting also helps support any customer discrepancies, reinforcing your brand promise.

The Value of Customer Communications

B2B customers have come to expect the same level of service they’re used to in their consumer lives. That means visibility, transparency, and control. Add to that the cost of missed collections and follow-up calls, and the value of communication becomes clear.

When you add Localz technology to your ServiceMax toolkit, you can easily configure automated customer communications to ensure a frictionless day of service. In addition, you can access real-time feedback tools to monitor satisfaction and deal with issues as they arise. That means an easier day for customers, drivers, and backroom staff alike.

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ABOUT Emma Lampert

Avatar photoEmma Lampert is the Global Head of Customer Success at Localz supporting a variety of field service companies in implementing customer engagement solutions. Leading the global team, Lampert has rolled out communications and tracking technology to British Gas, RAC, Rentokil, Autoglass, and Welsh Water, amongst others. Prior to joining Localz, Emma delivered large-scale people, process, and software change for John Lewis & Partners.