Mobility sessions are some of the best attended at our annual Maximize conference. Why? Because mobility is hugely important in field service, and it is an area of continuous growth and investment for ServiceMax.

This year, we talked about our vision of creating Mobile Moments—points of time when technicians are prompted with exactly what they need in ServiceMax Go without any effort. The goal is to have technicians do more of what they enjoy (fixing equipment for the customer) and less of what they don’t (administrative work).

Apps such as Nest, Fitbit, and Amazon have been at the forefront of bringing standout mobile experiences into our consumer lives. By collecting data from our mobile devices, these companies are incorporating personalization, automation and AI into the mobile experience. ServiceMax is also able to collect quite a bit of data on our users. We are now able to know users’ location, how they are using the app, and so much more. And because we are an end-to-end platform, there is a lot of data that we know about every technician’s day, such as their upcoming appointments, work orders, work they have done before, and more. At ServiceMax, we can too leverage personalization, automation, and AI to create better service experiences for technicians.


Technicians expect that the applications they use are personalized based on past in-app actions or what we know about them. We want to provide with technicians the information they need to start their workday, including their appointments overview for the day, required and recommended parts for the upcoming appointments, and routing information based on their current location. We know these are the first actions a technician takes in the app, and we want to make that experience seamless.


Automation is widely used in consumer apps. For example, the Nest alarm system sends users reminders to turn on the alarm when they leave their home. There are many areas within the ServiceMax Go app where automation is being introduced. A change in data, location or a scheduled query, can now trigger a notification to a technician, customer or dispatcher. These notifications help to seamlessly communicate changes and prompt actions.

Artificial Intelligence

There are a number of scenarios in field service when technicians can benefit from AI. For example, AI can diagnose and suggest troubleshooting for common problems based on what worked in the past. The great thing is that AI with its human-like intelligence is able to continue learning and deliver better recommendations as new data comes in. One area where we see immediate use for AI is parts prediction. Service organizations can avoid second truck rolls and expensive overnight shipments with accurate parts predictions. This is an area of continued investment for ServiceMax.

As mobile phones and mobile apps themselves continue to develop and get better, we want to make these benefits available to technicians on our ServiceMax mobile apps. We are working on new features that are fueled by Personalization, Automation, and AI to make technicians more productive and effective in their service delivery.

ABOUT Anna Startseva

Avatar photoAnna Startseva is a Director of Product Marketing at ServiceMax. She works closely with Product Management, Customer Marketing, and Partner teams and customers to define the vision, shape the go-to-market, and communicate the capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Prior to joining ServiceMax in 2016, Anna held marketing and government relations roles in technology and consulting companies.