ServiceMax 19.3 release will be available on Nov 19! It delivers new features and enhancements that help your workforce be more effective. By empowering your employees to do their best work, you’ll reap the benefits of higher productivity and more customer satisfaction.

To empower the workforce, service organizations need to develop and enforce the right business practices in the field. And this can be a challenge. With a highly distributed workforce, service organizations need tools that will help guide their technicians to adhere to business processes, while decreasing complexities and administrative work. The 19.3 release delivers a number of features across ServiceMax’s scheduling, mobile, and platform solutions that help organizations build out business processes, adjust them with ease when organizational priorities pivot, and enforce these business processes in the field.

The new features and improvements target the following roles:

  1. Dispatcher – Project Scheduling for complex jobs such as installations and new Schedule Optimization features
  2. Technician – native apps with features that maximize technician productivity across Android and iOS mobile devices
  3. Administrator – new Service Flow Manager Designer experience to create and change workflows fast

Project Scheduling

New in 19.3 is the ability to schedule projects with Service Board! Organizations that service complex capital equipment and do installations have to deal with service work that requires multiple visits in a defined sequence. While companies plan out their installations in a project management software, moving that onto technicians’ schedules is a time-consuming challenge.

With Project Scheduling, dispatchers can import projects from Microsoft Project into Service Board. Then they can view and assign resources either manually or automatically through Schedule Optimization. Finally, dispatchers can publish the project for execution, thereby creating and assigning work orders. The Project Scheduling functionality is in beta release and will be generally available in the first part of 2020.

Capacity Reservation with Schedule Optimization

The 19.3 release introduces the ability to define capacity thresholds that the Optimization Engine within Service Board will respect for any work order type. Companies need to prioritize for emergency jobs that may come in, but that often wreaks havoc on optimized schedules that are normally very full and leave little open time. Service organizations need flexibility to accommodate emergency work orders while optimizing schedules.

Dispatchers can now set a rule for the proportion of jobs each day that can be taken up by work order type, such as preventive maintenance, break-fix, and emergencies. For example, in any single day, preventive maintenance will never consume more than 50% of each tech’s capacity, the combination of break-fix and preventive maintenance will never consume more than 80%, and emergencies will always be able to consume all the available capacity.

ServiceMax Go for Tablets

We are pleased to announce that ServiceMax Go app is now available on both iOS and Android tablets! ServiceMax has developed a unified mobile application for technicians that runs on tablets as well as mobile phones, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

ServiceMax Go empowers technicians, field engineers, and maintenance personnel with everything they need to plan their work, execute it efficiently, and communicate effectively with customers and colleagues. The ServiceMax Go consumer-grade mobile app leverages native functionalities of Android and iOS to deliver the best in usability and performance. Now they can pick up work where they left off, across any devices they use.

New Service Flow Manager (SFM) Designer

ServiceMax redesigned the SFM Designer in the Salesforce Lightning experience to introduce new functionality and improve the user experience. SFM is a core engine that is unique to ServiceMax. It helps service organizations turn their business processes into workflows and push them to the field. In addition, SFM helps handle compliance so that the right processes can be followed.

ABOUT Anna Startseva

Avatar photoAnna Startseva is a Director of Product Marketing at ServiceMax. She works closely with Product Management, Customer Marketing, and Partner teams and customers to define the vision, shape the go-to-market, and communicate the capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Prior to joining ServiceMax in 2016, Anna held marketing and government relations roles in technology and consulting companies.