More than 20 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020, according to Gartner Research. Field Service is one of the most opportune applications for IoT, delivering real value to service organizations and their customers.

With Connected Field Service, service organizations benefit from accurate and timely diagnostics of equipment anomalies so you can right-size maintenance plans and avoid equipment breaks and accidents. Your customers can benefit from more equipment uptime, so they can gain more productive time of their equipment. Imagine avoiding a radiation machine breakdown so that patients can benefit from life-saving treatments. Or making sure an elevator in a high-rise building doesn’t get stuck between floors, leading to an emergency outage and angry people stuck in a small space for hours.

Once your service organization has the right equipment data and analytics in place, and is confident it can deliver timely maintenance, it is time to transition to an outcome-based service model. This service model sells an outcome of equipment to your customers. In a recent webinar, we discuss an example: a chip component manufacturer that successfully moved to an outcome-based service model that gives more certainty and flexibility to its customers.

If you’d like to learn more about getting started — or confidently moving forward — on your IoT journey, check out our pre-recorded webinar, “Deep Dive on ServiceMax IoT Architecture and Data Strategies.” You will learn:

  • IoT benefits for both reactive and proactive service models
  • Proactive service models to improve service efficiency
  • How to define the right IoT proof of concept and building the right team
  • Why you should enrich your analytics with IoT, CRM, ERP and other data sources

Aaron Mieswinkel, director of architecture at ServiceMax from GE Digital, and I discuss ServiceMax IoT Connected Field Service and offer practical advice. You don’t want to miss out.

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ABOUT Anna Startseva

Avatar photoAnna Startseva is a Director of Product Marketing at ServiceMax. She works closely with Product Management, Customer Marketing, and Partner teams and customers to define the vision, shape the go-to-market, and communicate the capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Prior to joining ServiceMax in 2016, Anna held marketing and government relations roles in technology and consulting companies.