The Best Research Comes from Our Users

When most people hear the term “UX design,” they think of the interface — the screens in an application or video game, the dashboard of a modern car or the industrial consoles that operate complex equipment and plants.

But those things are only the artifacts, the end results of a process that starts long before the first line is sketched or pixel moved.

The UX design process actually starts with research. Lots of it. In fact, research is often the biggest single component of UX design. We need to understand everything about the problem we’re trying to solve, including expectations, outcomes, precedents, inputs and outputs and, most importantly, the people who use it.

So we ask questions. We create profiles. We build micro interactions and flowcharts and diagrams. Then we show what we’ve created to users and stakeholders to get feedback. And then we iterate. And iterate. And iterate.

Help Us Improve

And that’s where you come in. We’re looking for engineers, technicians, dispatchers and service managers to join the ServiceMax Design Council. Members will greatly influence the UX of Predix ServiceMax.

You, and your service team, have the best insights into how we can make Predix ServiceMax smarter, easier to use and more appealing. The ServiceMax Design Council is a dedicated UX channel to communicate with you, and I am asking for your support to improve our platform.

We are looking for candidates who we can consult when we need input on designs and requirements. Users who access our web and mobile application every day and will tell us candidly what we’re doing right and what we’re not.


We are looking for your support in these specific areas:

  1. Provide insights: We want to better understand how you work and what you need. We want to know more about the challenges faced in the field by your people.
  2. Validate assumptions: We are designing new applications and features based on our experience about work, environment, people and their goals — are we on the right track?
  3. Review designs: Take a look at prototypes and mockups and tell us how we can make them better.
  4. Give feedback: Tell us what’s right and wrong with other applications they use.

Understanding firsthand what your people do and how they use our applications is knowledge we can’t get anywhere else and will greatly influence the future of the ServiceMax product.

How the Design Council Works

When we want to validate a concept, or need more information about a specific use case, we’ll pick a group of Design Council members, based on industry, usage profile, or applicability. And then we will ask these experts by email if they would like to participate.

There will be a short survey or a scheduled live online review session, your choice.

Our interactions will be 15 minutes or less, and you and your technicians, dispatchers or service managers can opt out or unsubscribe at any time.

We’ve created a microsite to capture your technicians’ contact details. Just go to this survey, answer six questions and enter the names and email addresses of up to 10 of your end users.

If you are thinking about seeing us at Maximize 2018 in Las Vegas or Boston, I have 5 free passes to each event. Just complete the survey, and I will send you the registration code.

And from the entire Predix ServiceMax UX team, thank you for helping us build the best possible field service software.