Putting a new spin on a well-known saying, we say that an image is worth more than a 1000 data points. Top data visualizations are interactive, relevant, and help users to understand data quickly, and accelerate the users’ data-to-action process. For dispatchers, and technicians in the field, seeing real-time equipment data on a map makes it easier for them to decide about best possible routes, and to react faster to sudden work order changes that impact a technician’s work day.

Our newly announced partnership with MapAnything enables our customers to display Predix ServiceMax data on an interactive map interface, access real time location services, and comprehensive route planning features – which means faster response and delivery times.

In short, the integration of MapAnything’s location-based services extend the capabilities of the Predix ServiceMax platform with powerful mapping capabilities.

  • Display any ServiceMax data on a map
  • Get real-time visibility of vehicle & technician locations
  • Build service routes and optimize for drive time
  • Optimize schedules
  • Leverage a full territory view of service activities to balance your resources effectively

To learn more about the new partnership, and see the integrated products in action, please visit the ServiceMax marketplace. Or read more from MapAnything. 

ABOUT Katharina Streater

Avatar photoAs the former senior product marketing manager at ServiceMax, Katharina Streater drove the scheduling, contractor management, and analytics capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Passionate about technology, Katharina had extensive knowledge in analytics, AI, and held several marketing positions over 14 years at OpenText, a leader in Enterprise Information Management solutions. A native of Germany, she deepened the international character of the ServiceMax product marketing team.