It’s hard working in the field. There is a lot of work to get done, a schedule to keep, and unexpected changes and challenges to handle, all while keeping the customer happy. Much technology has been created to help technicians keep track of what they need to do, where, and when. ServiceMax from GE Digital has been at the forefront of the current wave of new technology helping technicians perform in their jobs. In fact, ServiceMax pioneered the move to cloud-based, mobile-first Field Service Management. This has effectively lowered total cost of ownership of Field Service Management software and made technicians insanely more efficient with powerful, mobile-friendly apps.

Today, I’m excited to share that Zinc and ServiceMax from GE Digital are helping drive the next wave of technical innovation in Field Service Management with a new jointly developed solution. The Zinc and Predix ServiceMax integration lets technicians quickly start a new conversation right from the ServiceMax application, within the context of installed products, work orders, cases, accounts or contacts. This means technicians can get work done more efficiently through real-time conversations with the team members who have the right knowledge and resources at their fingertips. This all drives key productivity metrics for your business, including job completion rates and first time fix rates, as well as drives down operational costs.

Contextual Conversations for Field Service

At Zinc, we deliver an All Mode Communication platform built specifically for deskless workforces. With a mobile-first UI, Zinc delivers a real-time communication platform that helps technicians get answers faster, stay up-to-date with all company information, exceed customer expectations, and do it all in a secure and enterprise-friendly way.

By integrating into Predix ServiceMax, technicians can now have conversations within the context of the work they are doing, making it easier to get the right answers at the right time. Contextual conversations fill a void between the structured information in a Field Service Management System and the free form communication that happens every day among teams working to complete a job.

Much time and effort has been spent creating systems to track and manage the what, the how and the when, of Field Service work. Now with this new ServiceMax integration, Zinc unites the world of free form communication with the more structured world of Field Service Management, creating a unique and powerful way for technicians to get their jobs done faster, be more connected to the organization, and ultimately deliver better customer service.

How it Works

Have a question about an installed product? At a click of a button, Zinc can suggest everyone who has ever worked on that installed product and quickly bring them into a conversation. Technicians can ask their questions and get a quick response from people who really know the answer. If the conversation gets too nuanced and can’t be resolved through messaging, other modes such as recording a video or starting a conference call with one-click are available.

Zinc also helps keep employees back at the office connected to frontline teams. Perhaps a regional director is wondering what is happening with a work order. From Predix ServiceMax or within the Zinc app, they can find the work order and jump into the conversation to see what transpired. This is especially useful to reference when bringing new technicians up to speed or carrying out customer success initiatives.

To learn more about this integration, join us for a special webinar on Wednesday, May 2, at 10 am PST. Scott Ewart, Product Manager at Zinc, and Gaurav Verma, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax from GE Digital will discuss:

  • How to initiate secure Zinc conversations from ServiceMax
  • How to view the work order information directly in Zinc
  • What specific use-cases make an impact on business metrics

ABOUT John Stetic

Avatar photoJohn Stetic is the SVP of innovation and ISV partnerships at ServiceMax. Previously, he was the chief product offer at Zinc, where he led the product, design and engineering organizations.