Si2Partners is investigating how and why (or why not) businesses are using or planning to use augmented reality (AR) in industrial, technical and after sales services.

Augmented reality is still a new technology, though mature enough to potentially have a tangible impact on productivity and cost. It can be implemented stand-alone or as part of broader digitization initiatives, integrated with other platforms and apps or the Industrial Internet of Things. Both vendors and users are actively trying to determine best practices and find use cases with high impact and many are producing excellent results. Others are still struggling with implementation, have difficulty convincing relevant staff of the value or have not found the “killer app.”

The purpose of this survey is to understand today’s practice, draw conclusions and make suggestions for implementation improvement and best practices relevant to both users and vendors.

If you are using or are planning to use augmented reality in your service business, we’d be very interested to learn your views.

To take the survey, please click here.

All participants will receive a summary of survey results. Participants who agree to be interviewed will further the full report of survey results and conclusions.

Feedback and commentary of the results will be made in Field Service Digital and the Service in Industry hub.

ABOUT Nick Frank

Avatar photoNick Frank is Managing Partner at Si2 Partners, a consultancy helping clients leverage services to win in industrial markets. Nick is an expert in service transformation, specifically helping organizations use technology to find new value within their customer’s value chain, facilitating bootcamps to help teams solve challenging problems, and business assessments to kick start the change process.