Hello, again. We’re back with another feature-packed installment of our Maxpert video series. These in-depth videos provide you with a better understanding of how ServiceMax helps simplify complex field service delivery processes and improve them for greater productivity, growth, compliance and customer satisfaction. Join us as Product Manager Tushar Sharma explains the ServiceMax Preventive Maintenance features in detail. He’ll demonstrate how you can take advantage of them today for the next level of proactive service.

Preventive maintenance programs are evolving. One-size fits all offerings don’t make sense for loyal customers who expect better levels of service for all of the equipment you help them maintain. Today, newer equipment is more capable–providing better diagnostics and enabling new repair methods. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this and deliver new and better maintenance programs?

If you’re looking for ways to empower your service organization with preventive maintenance tools that manage not only scheduled maintenance, but also usage and condition-based service visits, you’ll want to watch Tushar’s video. He’ll provide the foundation for all program considerations from contract entitlements to work order completion and task management. As well, he’ll demonstrate how ServiceMax capabilities go beyond traditional time-based maintenance to help you provide a consistent revenue stream for your service organization at the right cost. And, all while keeping customers happy with effective, proactive service.

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ABOUT Micki Collart

Avatar photoMicki Collart is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Arm Treasure Data. Previously, she was Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax.