In less than one week, our biggest customer event of the year – Maximize 2017 — will open its gates. And if you are like me, then you just started thinking about which sessions to attend. Let me give you a bit of background information to help you decide.

Day by day, you are confronted by the disruptive forces of the digital transformation. With customer expectations of 24×7 service continuing to rise, you need to be on the cutting edge of technology to gain a competitive advantage. And having the right solution in place is crucial.

It is a tough choice when it comes to filling your Maximize schedule, all sessions are packed with great information about products, future trends, and customer implementations. In the Product Strategy & Roadmap track, we are discussing the technologies driving the digital economy with an eye to leveraging them for our ServiceMax platform to support and ensure the success of your digital Field Service projects.

Your organization has already invested in our technology or it looking to invest, and your goal is to understand everything that our platform offers. Questions that will be addressed at the Product Strategy & Roadmap track include:

  • What does the architecture of the ServiceMax platform look like, and how does it fit into my infrastructure?
  • Can I extend my organization’s current mobile capabilities for my field technicians?
  • How, and to what extent, can I enable predictive services and proactive maintenance?
  • What do you have in store for schedule optimization to make my dispatchers even more productive?

The Product Strategy & Roadmap track is important if you who want to continue down the digital Field Service path and may be considering an upgrade. You’ll hear directly from the people who design and build the application you work with every day, speaking about our product strategies and innovations. Get introduced to new functionality, see what is on our product roadmap and further your understanding of our platform capabilities. And don’t forget to grab our product experts after a session to ask a few questions.

Learn more at and register today!

ABOUT Katharina Streater

Avatar photoAs the former senior product marketing manager at ServiceMax, Katharina Streater drove the scheduling, contractor management, and analytics capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Passionate about technology, Katharina had extensive knowledge in analytics, AI, and held several marketing positions over 14 years at OpenText, a leader in Enterprise Information Management solutions. A native of Germany, she deepened the international character of the ServiceMax product marketing team.