As a service leader, it is critical to ensure an effective execution of your unique business workflows. This is true even if every field technician brings their own mobile device (BYOD) or there is no data connection. Very often market conditions force you to adapt your business processes, and not being able to digitize the new processes quickly and in a sustainable manner can be costly to your business. Or, your business may expand operations to newer plants or geographies, and these new locations have localized business workflow needs, the consistent execution of which can make or break the success of the operations. In any of the above situations you will need a quick and sustainable methodology to efficiently roll out unique business workflows to desktop and mobile interfaces of your field service solution. If you can’t do this, you’re no longer competitive.

The Traditional Approach

The traditional way to adapt to changing business workflows is to mobilize several development resources, work through elaborate release planning and cater to different development platforms. Both business leaders and IT administrators struggle with this approach because it is just not a scalable, time-efficient or cost-effective solution. But what if you didn’t have to do all that?

In the above Maxpert video, Joseph June, VP of Product Management, gives an overview of the need for Service Flow Manager, its benefits and shows a demo of key mobile use cases.

An Elegant, Flexible and Scalable Solution

This is where ServiceMax Service Flow Manager (SFM) can provide remarkable results. SFM offers an industry leading solution that is intuitive, flexible and scalable. It provides a method for mapping new business workflows on-demand across mobile/desktop platforms. Specifically, IT administrators have the ability to configure changes to views, UI widgets or fields, and make the visual or workflow changes available across desktop and mobile platforms, immediately. Since the changes are visible across platforms, SFM addresses the BYOD use case very well.

Simply put, SFM provides a powerful, future proof way to either deliver new or tailor existing business workflows, when you want them, on the device that you choose, whether or not you have a data connection. This not only helps operationalize consistent business workflows across the service organization, but also makes you and your company more customer focused by responding to their business needs faster.

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