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Digital transformation. It’s a term beloved by tech leaders, influencers and innovators alike. But how do you begin?

Field service operations naturally embrace digital disruption, of which forms play a leading role. One first step in truly transforming your operation is digitizing forms to optimize the collection and processing of your field service data. These mobile forms allow teams to capture information on devices like tablets and phones, in the field. Without digital forms, information gets lost and can’t be instantly and seamlessly woven through the rest of your applications, workflows and systems.


Liberate Your Data, Unlock New Insights

Relying on paper forms and manual data entry traps valuable field service data within filing cabinets, scans and binders, and risks losing critical information to human error. Transforming your operation into a digital competitor means liberating neglected data, to improve and leverage company insights, while exponentially increasing processing times (why wait for a form to be handed in, processed and filled?) and accuracy (why expose your information flow to human processing errors?).

Implementing a digital mobile forms solution to gather and process field service information empowers your operation to report across the entirety of your data collection, allowing your team to cultivate informed, compelling conclusions, based on a robust accumulation of field service data. Out-of-date paper documentation limits reporting to solely the data rekeyed into business systems. With mobile forms, pinpoint even the subtlest trends, when you leverage the ability to digitally report across the entirety of your documents and forms.


No Data Left Behind

Mobile forms are equipped with powerful features that paper documents lack, ensuring form fields are filled and accurate, before a document can be completed.

Transformative features like automatic calculations provide form users with fields filled with instant, accurate information. Properties like required fields ensure every detail and critical field is fulfilled, before a form is submitted, eliminating the need to later hunt down information, or retrospectively provide missing data. These dynamic fields not only empower your workforce to enter data faster, but also eliminate the risk of human error, saving you time, money and frustration.


Real Time Data, Real-Time Action

Gone are the days of the manual hand-in. With paper forms, businesses rely on the costly practice of hand delivering field documents, resulting in time and budget wasted on transportation. Digitally transforming your business with mobile forms not only eliminates expenses associated with manual hand-ins, but also grants access to timely data –– an incredible digital advantage resulting in increased business agility, improved responsiveness and a deeper understanding of your operation.

Once mobile forms are completed in the field, submitted data is instantly available to supervisors, office administrators and other collaborators, expediting processing and streamlining your workflow. Immediate access to field data allows staff members to rapidly respond to customer concerns, project needs or act on reported opportunities.


Flow Data Between Your Business Systems

Using mobile forms, flow a constant current of real-time data between field service technicians, management and office locations. Leveraging GoFormz’ comprehensive API or pre-built integrations, connect your mobile forms with apps and platforms critical to your business, like ServiceMax. The ability to seamlessly share data across your organization keeps every inch of your business up to date and responsive –– empowering your workforce to collaborate and strategize more effectively.


It All Starts with a Form

Mobile forms not only transform your field service documents, but also the entire productivity and effectiveness of your operation. By digitizing your forms, data and processes, your business operates one step ahead of the competition, with professional, powerful forms that enable you to work faster… and smarter.

With improved response times and increased business agility, mobile forms users realize an uptick in customer satisfaction and business acquisition. Utilizing valuable, digital features, GoFormz users experience incredible improvements in operational accomplishments, leading to a true digital transformation of their business.

ABOUT Ren Chin

Avatar photoRen has over 15 years experience in building successful market-leading technology startups. Prior to GoFormz, Ren served as the VP of Product Management and Marketing at several tech companies.