This post is part 2 in a 4-part series: “How Sentient Infrastructure Changes the Game for Field Services, and Why This Is Important”.  The following is a guest blog post from ServiceMax partner ThingLogix.  For more information, visit ThingLogix’s listing in our online marketplace here.


IoT has extended our understanding of industrial equipment far beyond its original definition, and has imparted a vast and ever-expanding range of capabilities to this equipment. Commercially viable IoT solutions have been present in the marketplace for only a few years, but the initial pattern of concentration in a handful of industries is rapidly evolving into more balanced, cross-industry adoption. The implications of IoT for businesses with deployed infrastructure are substantial, not only in terms of optimizing field service operations, but also in terms of substantially improving the customer experience and creating new sources of revenue.

ABOUT John Mack

Avatar photoJohn Mack is an enterprise technology marketing executive and member of the board of directors of ThingLogix, Inc, a provider of Internet of Things solutions, solution components, and advisory services.