Let’s face it — the “build a better mousetrap” adage only goes so far. At some point, you’re going to need to differentiate your business with something other than mere product features.

Cue service modernization.

As its business grew and the industry heated up, top AV/IT solution provider Mechdyne faced more competition as anyone from mom-and-pop shops to large AV integrators started cropping up. Customers also were becoming more discerning as the technology continued catching on, expecting more and more when it came to things like issue resolution.

Matthew McKaig, who runs service at Mechdyne, noted that before they deployed ServiceMax they would waste too much time on customer calls just obtaining basic information before even getting to the root of issues.

“ServiceMax enabled us to fundamentally change how we manage customer information.”

“We used to operate our field service division on a CRM system that, ultimately, was unsuitable for the task,” McKaig said. “With the old system, customers would call in with service requests. We would have to ask clarifying questions about their equipment, which was not time efficient. It was also difficult to manage third parties involved in the service delivery process. That’s no way to make a customer happy. … We knew that this would not support our growth goals.”

But with real-time business intelligence via ServiceMax reports and dashboards that provide key performance indicators, Mechdyne improved profitability and competitiveness, saw a sharp increase in technical services customer satisfaction, improved service response times, and was able to fix 70 percent of all issues on the first visit.

“ServiceMax enabled us to fundamentally change how we manage customer information,” McKaig said.

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