The following is a guest blog post from ServiceMax partner CallidusCloud, a leader in sales performance management. For more information, visit CallidusCloud’s listing in our online marketplace here.

It’s the era of customer centricity. Today’s progressive businesses take an outside-in approach in making sure that customer interactions exceed expectations. Customers today expect the ability to provide feedback, whether to praise a representative for going above and beyond or to complain if service levels were lacking.

Enabling the feedback loop is essential, but it can be difficult to build and manage without the right technology.  At Clicktools, we know many current customers who replaced manual methods (spreadsheets, mail merges and data entry, among others) with an integrated Clicktools-to-CRM solution to handle feedback programs, from the simple to the complex.

ServiceMax realized the importance of customer feedback for its customers and reached out to us to help develop a tool that could make it easy to gather feedback at key transaction points, integrated with their own platform and Salesforce.

Now we play a critical (but mostly behind-the-scenes) role in how ServiceMax supports field service organizations to achieve greater operational efficiencies and excellence. We recently built a plug-and-play integration package for ServiceMax, which enables the company’s customers to collect and respond to feedback in the Salesforce environment. (ServiceMax is delivered on the Salesforce App Cloud.)

If you’re not familiar with the Clicktools solution, it’s the leading survey solution for Salesforce and an original AppExchange member since 2005 with more than 415 reviews (averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars). We were the perfect fit for another Salesforce technology partner, enabling organizations to improve customer and employee engagement, satisfaction and experience by collecting, centralizing and acting on feedback integrated with Salesforce.

The integrated survey package enables ServiceMax customers to achieve operational excellence faster by knowing exactly how their customers feel and whether they were fully satisfied. Our tools empower companies to make changes and improvements rapidly based on immediate feedback. Companies receive alerts when there are unhappy customers, followed by workflows that ensure the problems are solved. ServiceMax customers have learned that they can motivate service teams based on positive feedback. The idea is to do more of what’s working and improve things that aren’t.

From a technical standpoint, the integrated survey automatically goes out when a work order closes. The company collects feedback data on the service individual, product and service record. All of the data is mapped to a custom object in Salesforce so the insights can be seen, shared and reported on in real-time.

ServiceMax customers don’t need to worry about building their own Clicktools survey. It’s all done for them, as are the related email, workflow, and report.

Providing one flexible system for all service delivery processes with an integrated feedback tool provides huge benefits to ServiceMax customers, including improved customer experience, satisfaction and cost savings. Customers get access to a standard platform for both sales and service, and can manage that system across the most important transactions for customer experience.

All in all, ServiceMax customers and their customers win in the end as a result of better customer experience and closer connections between transactions and feedback. It’s a great example of achieving operational excellence through innovation and partnership.

ABOUT Samantha Lang

Avatar photoSamantha Lang is Marketing Communications Manager for Clicktools, A CallidusCloud company. Since joining the company in 2012, she has rallied around the brand promise to help companies transform feedback into action to drive improvements. Samantha has contributed to B2B software marketing teams for more than 15 years, specializing in messaging, branding, content creation, and social media. She holds a BA in English from Fordham University and an MFA in Creative Writing from American University.