Let’s be honest – trade shows and conferences can be exhausting. There’s lot of walking, visiting booths, cheery networking and high-stakes meetings.

It can be an introvert’s nightmare.

Thankfully, most all events like this have a series of keynote speakers and sessions where you can sit back, relax and absorb knowledge and industry insight. Ours is no exception, and we have a lineup at Maximize Europe chock full of insight, from customers doing innovative and impactful things with field service to thought leaders espousing the ins and outs of digital transformation.

Here are 4 speakers you have to check out while you’re at Maximize in Amsterdam Nov. 8 and 9.

Martin Gilday, Senior Vice President, Global Service, Elekta

As a human care company pioneering significant medical technology innovations for treating cancer and brain disorders, it’s an understatement to say Elekta does very important work. And the mission-critical nature of machinery involved in treating cancer and brain disorders means Elekta needs a service system that never lets equipment fail.

Martin is responsible for leading the global service organization andmartin-gilday_elekta implementing service initiatives that support global customer service operations for enhanced customer experience and improved service business profitability. And as one of ServiceMax’s and PTC’s earliest adopters of Connected Field Service, a system by which IoT sensors proactively and remotely tell service managers when equipment is about to fail, Elekta truly is on the cutting edge of proving what service can do for an organization overall.

Before you see Martin speak, be sure to read up on how Elekta’s done this with our new case study.

Matthew Syed, former Olympian and columnist for The Times

Almost no other line of business has transformed as radically and as fast as field service in recent years. The jump from clipboard to cloud and reactive to predictive service models have re-defined customer SLAs, business thinking and C-Suite expectations. Service is suddenly – or some would say, finally – moving center stage as a rich and much deeper new revenue stream.

Hear from Matthew, who competed for Great Britain in table matthewsyed_closeuptennis in the Olympics at Barcelona in 1992 and at Sydney in 2000, how marginal gains can revolutionize performance in both a commercial and personal context, with huge implications for businesses, as well as training and education.

Matthew will provide insight into valuable lessons learned from individuals like David Beckham and Michael as well as organizations such as Google, Dropbox, the Mercedes F1 team, and Unilever.

Dr John ahmet Erkoyuncu, Lecturer in Service Simulation & Visualisation, Cranfield University

Something’s wrong with your machine but all the diagnostics say “no fault found.” Yet… you can clearly see something is wrong.

Solving “no fault found” issues eats up 15 to 20 percent of total service costs and, during his session at Maximize Europejohn_erkoyuncu (“Discover a Framework to Estimate the Cost of No-Fault Found Events,” Nov. 8 at 3 p.m.), Erkoyuncu will discuss the risks, triggers and impact of no fault found (NFF) and discuss a framework for identifying and managing the costs.

There are multiple areas of concern. No fault found creates concerns around safety and the cost associated with diagnosing the problem — and it also creates a potential loss in equipment use. and diagnose the problem and it also creates a potential loss in equipment use.

Very useful information indeed.

Patrice Eberline VP, Global Customer Transformation & Author

We couldn’t very well get through a whole ServiceMax blog without plugging one of our own.

As Vice President of Global Customer Transformation, Patrice brings over 20 years of services and leadership experience to ServiceMax and quite literally wrote the book on field service.patrice-headshot

For anyone attending a field service-focused conference, you simply can’t miss Patrice waxing poetic about how the service industry is changing and what technological disruption means not only for business models but also technicians’ roles themselves. And what does “outcomes-based” even mean when it comes to field service?

You’ll have to check out her session to find out.

And in case wanted a fuller set of teasers for what you’ll see at Maximize Europe this year, be sure to check our main page with a full lineup of what’s in store.

Hope to see you there! Er… rather, “Ik hoop u daar te ontmoeten!”