Look inside a modern field service technician’s toolkit, and you’re apt to spot the usual suspects: A wrench. Screwdrivers. Maybe some duct tape. But, chances are, you’ll also find several high-tech tools of the trade that are just as critical. Turns out, service technicians are consistently among the earliest adopters of new technologies.

Tablets? Field service pros were using mobile tablets before the iPad came on the scene. And then service organizations like McKinley Equipment confirmed that the shiny consumer device was a natural fit in the field.

Remember the smart glasses hype? People might not have understood how (or why) they needed Google Glass in their everyday lives. But companies like Boeing and Lee Company are still using smart glasses to assemble airplanes, entice new hires, and recast experienced technicians as virtual supervisors.

Augmented reality? The runaway success of Pokémon Go has turned the world on to AR, but Schneider Electric, Tetra Pak and others have been using the technology to transform how they do business.

Drones? They are doing some of the dirtiest, most dangerous service work — whether it’s hundreds of miles offshore, or hundreds of feet above ground.

If you want to see the future of technology at work, look to field service: