When we launched our partner Marketplace a year ago, we quickly recognized what a valuable tool it was for our partners and customers alike in solving specific and diverse field-service challenges. The online space provided a one-stop searchable ecosystem for the more than one-third of our customers who work directly with partners so they weren’t left guessing how to transform their organization.

But like any new venture, we received feedback along the way from our customers, partners and employees on what they’d like to see. And so today we’re very proud to announce the next generation of our ServiceMax Marketplace, for which we’ve improved the user interface and added new functionality. The new marketplace offers visitors a roadmap for the various solutions of a complete field service management platform – which, frankly can often be a mix.

Here’s what you can expect in visiting the ServiceMax Marketplace:

  • Search for a solution by problem you’re trying to solve. There’s likely a tag(#) with its name on it.
  • Browse our solutions categories – all 24 of them.
  • Ask a question directly to a partner about their offering without leaving the site – and get a real response from them.
  • More of a visual learner? Watch rich videos depicting a partner’s solution to better understand it and how it can work for you.
  • Review a brochure or white paper and download it or print it out for a co-worker

Naturally, we think it’s awesome.

We heard from our customers who wanted an interactive tool, not just a generic vendor listing. And at the same time, our partners wanted to tell their story with more collateral. We wanted a modern look and feel. The new and improved Marketplace is a full service platform that delivers these capabilities and supports our continued work with partners and customers to transform field service management.

With this update, our customers will get the most current information on our partner solutions and have direct access to each vendor through online questions and answers with each vendor, enabling them to find the service solutions they’re looking for faster than before.

For our partners, who derive valuable customer interactions on our page every day, keeping up with the activity on the new Marketplace and making improvements to their solutions based on customer feedback is now easier than ever. Marketplace partners will have the ability to benchmark it against the wider field service community.

And that’s what it is all about – making the best match to solve some of field service’s most pressing problems. As I noted earlier, the best solution is often a mix of what’s out there so we’re excited to be able to give our customers an easier way to navigate the landscape.

To date, we’ve had hundreds of inquiries come through on partner’s products and the number of joint solutions implemented through the Marketplace continues to grow. The new Marketplace continues to be a one-stop shop for carefully curated field service solutions – from Certified Partners integrating their payment, data collection, document generation, project management and quoting solutions with ServiceMax, to Consulting Partners providing their ServiceMax and field service domain expertise.

So, if you didn’t know anything about our Marketplace, now is a good time to explore all it has to offer. It’s brand new ready for cruising. Visit ServiceMax Marketplace 2.0 today.

ABOUT Jonathan Skelding

Avatar photoJonathan Skelding is head of strategic partnerships at Element. Previously, he was VP of partner alliances, ISV and technology at GE Digital.