IoT Generation of Service Techs Will Need Analytical and Sensor Skills, Forcing a Talent Rethink

The next five years will see the emergence of a new type of service technician. The Internet of Things generation of service techs will be adept at sensor and radio detection technology, and as the miniaturization of sensors embedded into devices becomes more commonplace, it will create an increasing demand for analytical skills as the essential cog in the wheel of industry.

The advent of IoT and predictive maintenance models, combined with intelligent field service automation capable of managing real time data feeds from the field, is not only making service a more strategic discipline within organizations globally, but also forcing a rethink on how to attract and retain the right talent for frontline service teams as the spine of the organization.

According to Patrice Eberline, Vice President, Global Customer Transformation for ServiceMax: “Business models are placing greater emphasis on outcomes rather than products, IoT is shifting service from reactive to proactive to predictive, and service departments are transitioning from cost centers to profit centers – with the service tech’s role on the receiving end. For example, rather than trouble-shooting an isolated piece of equipment, techs could soon be trouble-shooting entire buildings, particularly as the service guarantee moves from ‘quick response and resolution’ to guarantees of climate throughout the year.”

Providing the latest in technology to service teams – and the resulting benefits to customers – will not only lead to better and more efficient service performance, but will also show potential candidates that your company is the place for growth and opportunity. Managing this generationally diverse service organization will also force some cultural modifications. Engendering an open, communicative, and proactive culture of communication into your organization to incentivize optimum performance will become imperative.

“Career pathing will move from more traditional directed and pre-defined paths, to those where the employee shares the driver’s seat and select experiences to enrich their work life and thus their work-life balance,” added Eberline.  “Rather than linear options for growth, service organizations will be rewarded by using ‘opt-in’, collaborative, and networked approaches that encourage employees to find their own unique path of experiences and roles.”


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