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This HVAC Company Just Bought 500+ Smart Glasses To Keep Experienced Techs on the Job

The idea: Retain experienced technicians as virtual supervisors who, from the comfort of the office, can help smart glasses-wearing techs in the field triage and fix problems.

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6 Reasons Your Techs Fail at Generating Revenue

In my experience, nearly all service leaders who have looked to their field teams as sources of revenue growth are frustrated because the actual results trail desired results — often by a great margin.

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Field Service Sharpens Its Focus on Augmented Reality

The more complex the product, the more I think it will lend itself to AR [augmented reality] to get that information out into the field.

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3 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Next Technology Investment

Low-budget hardware can make even the best software a nightmare to use, while bargain-basement software is likely to underperform on the best hardware. Want your techs to commit to new technology? Don’t burden them with slow, buggy, infuriating tools that they’ll be asked to use every day.

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Field Service Nears a Big Milestone: the ‘iPhone Moment’

The iPhone, in a way, reinvigorated the mobile phone space. … The IoT is doing the same thing for service. It gives us new ways to talk about service, such as outcome-based service contracts or remote service.

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